Finish Line Network Review – Is Finish Line Network A Scam?

Finish Line Network Review


Is this a Decent Opportunity or a Huge Con Game?

You might have realized that Finish Line Network is now getting a pile of hype and attention. You may have had some of your friends in Network Marketing talk to you about Finish Line Network. You might have viewed it on social media too.

First of all, I want you to know that I’m not promoting Finish Line Network as an affiliate.  I am just giving you an unbiased Finish Line Network Review.

Therefore, you can get all the information you want about Finish Line Network easily.

Finish Line Network

Is Finish Line Network Truly a Legitimate Business?

Is Finish Line Network a Secure Business to Venture In?

As I was making this review, I saw that Finish Line Network affiliates are attempting to enroll people by sending them to the domain ‘,’ on visiting the website, you will come across nothing more than a page that requests for your email address.

After providing it, you get a confirmation email that is sent from ‘team(at)’ On trying to visit that domain, you will be diverted to the Traffic Authority website.

Traffic Authority came up for the first time in the year 2015. However, it was just more of a pyramid blueprint that was attempting to book into Infinite Leverage System.

Traffic Authority realized a small traffic increase in April. However, after that, traffic decreased quite sharply. Actually, the website’s traffic was at a flat line almost all of 2017.

Based on that information, it seems that Finish Line Network is merely a reboot of the previously unsuccessful Traffic Authority opportunity.

If you want to watch rather than read I done a video review below:

The Finish Line Network Product Line

When looking at the Finish Line Network product line, you don’t find anything much.

Basically, there are no goods or services to be sold to customers. What they sell is affiliate memberships. And also access to higher priced income opportunity seminars and a choice to buy a variety of costly marketing courses.

Finish line network review

Finish Line Network Compensation Plan

Affiliate memberships begins at 20 dollars per month. The packages then range in cost from 130 dollars per month to 2997 dollars per month after that.

There are 4 main packages starting from one called Silver Package

You get paid commissions for bringing in people and getting them to pay for the plans. However, before you can get paid anything, you have to qualify for the commission.

To this extent, therefore, you have to purchase one of the plans for yourself. As an alternative, you can sell six packages of the four plans and be able to promote that level and get commissions

Cost of joining Finish Line Network

A basic fee of 20 dollars per month is required to join. After that, to qualify for the affiliate program, you have to buy one of the plans being offered.

Is Finish Line Network a Scam?

In my opinion Finish Line Network it is not a scam. However, you need to learn some things before making a decision on whether to join or not. I feel that if you are not a seasoned marketer then there are a lot better opportunities to join.

Finish Line Network Scam


So in my personal opinion Finish Line Network is merely a pyramid scheme that will exist today and disappear tomorrow. When all the hype settles, the administrators will collect their gains and disappear, leaving everybody else to fall into losses.

It is so similar to some of the other examples that have had a similar structure and then gone under like eg MOBE. The history of the owners doesn’t look good and the site they refer you to “Traffic Authority” have all had checked pasts.

If you are not a huge marketer with a big list I would steer clear of Finish Line Network .

I hope this Finish Line Network Review will help you is your decision making in regard to joining this company.

So This Company Is A Dud, But What Is Your Top Recommendation? What Do You Promote Manny?

So I fully recommend the opportunity that you can access below. I have gone right through the whole system with a fine tooth comb and think it is one of the better opportunities out there which is why I now personally endorse it.

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