Four Corners Alliance Group Review – Is Four Corners Alliance Group A Scam?

Four Corners Alliance Group Review – Is it legitimate or Scam?

There have been a number of controversies concerning the legitimacy of this company. It is for that reason that I decided to do an honest review of the Four Corners Alliance Group. I had to start with an investigation so as to unfold the hidden truth behind the buzz.

Keep reading as there is much to unfold, do not make a move. At the end of it all, you won’t be in a dilemma, you will be informed enough to decide whether to join the group or not.

Four Corners Alliance Group Review

Four Corners Alliance Group Review: The Company

I tried to gather details about this company but couldn’t find much. I can’t exactly explain why the process of gathering information about the company’s history wasn’t a straightforward one. You had to be prepared to get replies like – Meh, What do you intend to do with that kind of information? etc etc

However, one thing for sure is that the Four Corners Alliance Group is a fully registered company that is integral of the Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC. The fact that the group is not accredited by the BBB isn’t really a big deal as there are several network marketing companies operating without the accreditation.

I, however, have contact details of the company:

Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC

5550 Painted Mirage Road, Suite 320

Las Vegas NV 89149 U.S.A

Phone No: 775 376 7637

That is all I have about the Four Corners Alliance Group

Well, next, we explore more about the company’s products

Four Corners Alliance Group Products

Expect 18 books that cover financial topics such as motivation and mindset.

These are books that can equip you with relevant business skills that will enable you to thrive and succeed in the corporate world. You should expect to part with $29.95 per month for the books. That is approximately the cost of a monthly newsletter.

There is a lot of information provided but you may find some of it irrelevant. To be honest, most individuals don’t join this company because of the information provided. Recruitment of other people is what lures most individuals that finally join the group.

It is unfortunate that this company ends up attracting the wrong category of individuals, a mishap caused by the lottery way of doing business. A matrix compensation plan is the underlying principle that guides the company operations. Basically, they operate on the motto: FILL UP THE MATRIX AND GET RICH!!!

Four Corners Alliance Group: Business Opportunity

Getting started is pretty simple and straightforward. You only pay $18 and you are ready to go. Once you are in, you officially become part and parcel of their payment scheme – The Matrix Compensation Plan

Take a look at the working mechanism behind this hyped up matrix compensation plan.

Four Corners Alliance Group Scam

We must accept the fact that the idea behind this matrix plan is indeed very brilliant and intelligent. For one to get paid, you must sponsor 4 people. It may sound crazy, yes, but this powerful matrix compensation plan is just one out of the 5 ways through which one gets paid.

Four Corners Alliance Group Scam – Is it real or not?

Let’s get to the main point which is about the legitimacy of the Four Corners Alliance Group. It is normal to get skeptical in matters such as this. That aside, is this company a scam or is it legitimate?

The plain truth is that this company is no scam at all. In fact, those that joined Four Corners Alliance Group much earlier have made themselves a great fortune. That is however, one of the downfalls of these Matrix Plans. You make the most out of it when you join early.

You can type “Four Corners Alliance Group Review” in Google search and go through the many reviews available on the web. One thing that will surely come to your attention is that the writers are actually part of the company.

This jeopardizes the reliability of those reviews. Most reviewers are sidelined in their writings. You will find messages such as: GET IN THE MATRIX. YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING!


Be careful not to get swayed by the writings that make everything sound great and lucrative.


Four Corners Alliance Group -Should I Join?

If you truly love the company products and are convicted that this will make a difference in peoples’ lives, kindly go ahead and join. On the other hand, if the spillovers are what attracts you, then I would advise you to keep away. Going that way simply means investing in your own failure.

If you intend to make money from home and in a legitimate way, look no further, go ahead and join the group.

The system actually works. In fact, upon joining, you will have the privilege of accessing a one-on-one coach and receive a success-proven step-by-step training. The Four Corners Alliance Group can actually a LIFE CHANGER…

In a nutshell, it is not a scam. It is real and it works.



In my opinion Four Corners Alliance Group has a structure that is too close to a pyramid scheme for my liking. The Matrix compensation plan means that those that joined early and thus are at the top of the pryamid did really well and if you are unfortunate to be at the bottom then things don’t look so good.

If you want to join for the knowledge then by all means do it but as a business opportunity I would pass.

I hope you enjoyed my Four Corners Alliance Group Review. If you would like to know what I fully endorse and presently promote myself then read on….

Ok So This Company Is A Dud….What Are You Involved In Manny?

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Four Corners Alliance Group Review



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