Free Traffic Vs Paid Traffic – Which Is Better?

Free Traffic Vs Paid Traffic


So the big discussion about traffic is here again.

Most people when they get into affiliate marketing just want to do it for free and so want to know how to get traffic to their sites for free.

Now that’s fine but you have to be aware that free traffic takes time before it starts to come in and so it’s a sacrifice or an exchange of your time and energy for that traffic

Paid traffic however comes in a lot quicker but you do have to test and tweek it to make sure it works for whatever your promoting….

So which do you want to spend your time or your money?

Let’s discuss the difference in the video below and see what I think you should do:


free traffic vs paid traffic

I believe some sort of hybrid system is the best way forward. So you do some paid traffic which makes sure you get some quick sales and it keeps you going, because at least you know this marketing stuff works.

Then you also do some free marketing because in time that will become a juggernaut and bring you in leads and sales everyday.

If you want to learn more about how I learned all this stuff then you can click the image above.

Speak later


free traffic vs paid traffic



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