How To Get Wealthy Buyers That Are Eager To Pay You Commissions

How To Get Wealthy Buyers That Are Eager To Pay You Commissions


It’s always the problem

You have an amazing product, now all you need is someone to realise that and send you some money to buy it.

But there lies the problem for most…

The Dreaded Traffic Nightmare

Traffic, or people (because traffic is just a fancy term for people online), is the lifeblood of any online marketing business.

If you don’t have people coming to look at your product, or the product your trying to sell as an affiliate, then you can’t possibly make any sales.

But once you solve the traffic problem then it’s simply just a matter of numbers from there on in.

More Eyeballs On Your Offer = More $$$$ For You

There Is A Formula To All This Stuff That Once You Learn It Puts You On Easy Street


So what’s the formula?

Well try to ignore all the complicated marketing jargon(all will be explained in the video below) but the formula is:

Traffic ==>> Capture Page ==>> Value Series ==>> Sales Video ==>>$$$

Believe it or not I may have just given you the secret to marketing…:)

If your completely confused then just scroll down and watch the video below where all will be explained.

Where Do You Find These Hungry Buyers Or Traffic?


In order to get the best most qualified traffic to your capture page and sales page

You need to find out

  • Their No 1 pain – What keeps them up at night; What problem will they do anything to solve
  • Their No 1 pleasure – Where are they trying to get to, how do they see themselves in the future?

You need to know their biggest pain and their highest pleasure

Pain First Pleasure Second


As humans we are prone to avoid pain and chase pleasure….

So for example, let’s imagine we want to find people who want to lose weight then you need to know their no 1 pain

_ Help me lose 5 pounds
_ Help me get my six pack abs again

Now your job is where do you find the people with those pains on the internet?

How do you get infront of those thousands and thousands of people on the internet that are desperate to lose some weight or get their 6 pack back….

Well they are everywhere on the net but the most popular places and the easiest that I suggest are:

  • Facebook – Billions of people on there
  • Solo Ads – Someone else already has a list of people that want to lose weight that they are happy to send your ad to
  • Bing Ads – Amazing place to find people that are actively searching for “Ways to lose weight”
  • Google – As with Bing but 10x bigger
  • Social Media – Youtube; Instgram; Twitter (These are monster places where again your target market are hanging out and you can attract)

Your job then is to get on these platforms infront of the right people, with the right problem and with fat wallets in hand

And it’s not as hard as you think when you know how

Watch The Video Below To Learn How

In the video Aaron my friend and mentor will show you how you can get infront of the right targeted people who have – A problem; A desire to solve it; And the money to pay you for the solution

Get a pen and paper  because your gonna learn some gems:


Get The Detailed 6 Figure Formula Here…

Speak soon,


How To Get Wealthy Buyers That Are Eager To Pay You Commissions

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