Discover How To Be A Entrepreneur – 6 Top Tips

In the video below on how to be an entrepreneur I outline 6 important factors that all entrepreneurs possess and what you need to do to get them.

How To Be A Entrepreneur -Part 1

How To Be A Entrepreneur – Part 2


The 6 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

1) Entrepreneurs take calculated risks – The key here is calculated risks they work out all the variables but then they take the plunge. The diffence between the average person and the entrepreneur is that they feel the fear of risk but they jump anyway. Infact when things are too predictable, too comfortable then your not progressing and your not moving forward

2) Entrepreneurs do what they enjoy – Most entrepreneurs are ‘con men’ :). They get paid for doing something that they would do for nothing and…..they get paid for it. Most true entrepreneurs spring out of bed in the morning to start work compared to others that literally drag themselves out of bed and troll to a job that they do on autopilot just hoping desperately that the hours pass quicker..

3) Entrepreneurs think of great ideas – They are innovators and problems solvers. Just think what things do you struggle with? Chances are others are struggling with the same thing and if you find a solution for the problem voila you now have a possible product or service that sells

4) Entrepreneurs are accessible- Remember people buy you so not only should you be able to be reached by your customer but they should get to know more about you. Open your world up to others and they will naturally begin to Know-Like-And Trust you. Then they will buy off your recommendation

5) Entrepreneurs sell benefits – They know that others really want to know “What’s in it for me?”. Entrepreneurs get to the largest benefit quickly which lets their customer know straight away that they are in the right place

6) Entrepreneurs Use Mentors – If you want to make a million dollars than you need to get a millionaire mentor.  Entrepreneurs seek out people that have walked the path that they want to walk and model them.

Success leaves clues so work on yourself make yourself a stronger entrepreneur and you will achieve success in whatever your goal is.

To Your Success


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