Know Your Avatar

Know Your What?…… What do you mean by “Know Your Avatar”

“Thought this site was about know your avatarmarketing not sci-fi movies? 🙂

Well what we mean by that in marketing is know your ideal customer.

Know what they like, what they fear, what gets them up in the morning and what keeps them up at night.

You see when you know what makes your ideal customer tick then you know where to go to find them.

People with the same interests hang out on the same sites and go to the same forums and join similar groups

So Who Is Your Perfect Customer

Don’t take this lightly and just think

“well it’s people who want to make money online of course dah”

You should take some time with this.

When I wrote my perfect Avatar it took me almost an hour.

You want to drill right down and paint a picture of the perfect person that buys your product because it solves the problems they have. I’ll show you some of what I came up with in a moment……..

The more specific you can get then the more targeted your marketing can be and in turn you’ll have super qualified people on your mailing list.

So here’s a tip to get your creative juices flowing when you do this

Remember people’s main objective is to avoid pain and increase pleasure

We can add in the need for companionship and a sexual partner also into the mix (if your avatar is similar to you think of the things your fear or desire)

So work around these needs when forming what your main customer might want.

Show me your perfect Avatar then!

When I wrote mine here are some of the things I came up wih and you are free to use if it fits with your audience

My perfect customer

  • Age is 35-42
  • Professional blue collar worker making 18K plus. May also be self employed
  • Tired of working for the man and making peanuts after tax and national insurance
  • Entrepreneurial spirit tried some business opportunity before but jaded by nothing working
  • Is married and has kids
  • Kids are 5-10 yrs old
  • Takes a holiday once every 2 years but would like more
  • His biggest Why is doing better for his kids
  • Would like to own a bigger house and have a sports car parked outside that
  • Wants to retire before 60

This is just some of the things but I now know straight away if I go to run an advert on a site who’s demographic is say age range 45-55 and mainly students……….

Straight away

Not for me – don’t waste your money chances of success are low.

Plus I know if certain forums fit the criteria of most of the points above i should go there and participate.

Benefits of Knowing Your Avatar

I hope you see the benefits to knowing your avatar not only can you do

Targeted advertising

You can also connect with the people on your list better because you basically know what they think, what they fear and what they crave.

That’s why sometimes people on my list feel like I’m taking to them personally when I write an email, because I talk about things they think about daily.

I hope you enjoyed this artice showing you how to know your avatar. If you did please comment in the box below.

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