Let’s Multiply Review – Is Let’s Multiply Pyramid Scheme Or Scam?

Let’s Multiply Review


If you have been paying attention about MLM business opportunities then you must have heard about Let’s Multiply. The question that many people are asking themselves is whether this opportunity is legit or a scam. In this Let’s Multiply Review we look at if this business opportunity is worth investing in.

Let's Multiply

Let’s Multiply Review – Important Information about the Company

Nowadays, many MLM businesses prefer not to disclose any information about the person(s) that owns or run it and Let’s Multiply is not an exception. In this regard, it is wise to note that Let’s Multiply official website doesn’t provide any tangible information about the brains behind it.

A little digging reveals that the business’s official website domain was registered privately on the 26th of September, 2016. This also means that information about where the registration took place or the person that owns the domain is still unavailable to the general public.

As usual, direct selling companies that do not disclose such important information to the general public have something to hide. It’s always wise to think twice before joining this kind of business opportunities.

Let’s Multiply Review – The Product Line


It’s always important to look at an MLM product line before you decide to invest with them. An MLM company that offers products to sell to retail customers has additional sources of income.

Unfortunately, Let’s Multiply has decided to make things work without any form of product or services to sell to retail customers. This means that the company only depends on the funds generated from affiliate’s recruitment to run the business and pay the already existing members.

So, if the company fails to recruit new members for a certain period of time, chances are that the business will collapse and the only people who will benefit are the anonymous brains behind it.

Let’s Multiply Review – The Compensation Plan


Once you sign up as a Let’s Multiply affiliate, you will be required to purchase $10 positions in a 7 tier matrix cycler. The opportunity uses different matrix sizes in their cycler, which include 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5, 3×6, 3×7 and 3×8.

Let’s take a look at the first matrix size (3×2). This matrix has three positions beneath it but your place will be at the top of the matrix. The first three affiliates that you recruit personally will be placed directly beneath you.

The first three associates that you recruit will form the first level. Each of this affiliate is required to recruit three new affiliates who will be placed directly beneath them. This means that the second level of the matrix will contain a total of nine affiliates.

Again, the nine affiliates are tasked with recruiting three affiliates each who will be placed directly under them. The new recruited affiliates form the third level. In this regard, the third level will consist of a total of 27 affiliates.

It looks like each level is created by multiplying the number of the affiliates in the previous level by three. A 3×4 matrix will give you a total of four levels, a 3×5 five levels and so on and so forth.

Let's Multiply Review

Becoming A Let’s Multiply Affiliate


As a Let’s Multiply affiliate, you will start by purchasing $10 cycler position in order to secure a position in the first 3×2 cycler tier. You stand a chance to earn commission when the affiliates that you sponsored personally or by the affiliates that you recruited purchase their own $10 positions. Every member that is recruited to fill the first 3×2 matrix earns you a commission of $10.

Once it’s agreed that the amount of $10 commissions received are enough, you will be required to pay a certain amount of money to unlock the second tier of the cycler. The payments throughout all the seven cycler tiers are as follows:

The 1st matrix (3×2, positions cost $10) – Earns you $10 per position filled
The 2nd matrix (3×3, requires $25 to unlock) – Earns you $25 per position filled
The 3rd matrix (3×4, requires $50 to unlock) – Earns you $50 per position filled
The 4th matrix (3×5, requires $100 to unlock) – Earns you $100 per position filled
The 5th matrix (3×6, requires $250 to unlock) – Earns you $250 per position filled
The 6th matrix (3×7, requires $500 to unlock) – Earns you $500 per position filled
The 7th matrix (3×8, requires $1000 to unlock) – Earns you $1000 per position filled

Let’s Multiply Review – The Cost to Join


If this opportunity sounds like the type of business that you have been waiting for, you will be required to purchase at least one $10 matrix cycler position to become a member.

If you are interested in participating fully in their compensation plan, you will have to pay a cost of $1,935.

Let’s Multiply Review- Is It Legit Or Just A Scam?

Nowadays, it is important to research a company thoroughly before you decide to invest them.

It is in your best interest to know whether this business opportunity is legit or a scam. So, what do you think? Is Let’s Multiply legit or a scam? If we are being honest, it’s not easy to tell whether this company is a complete scam. For more details, read the conclusion part of this review.

Let's Multiply Scam



According to Let’s Multiply official website, it appears that the company combines money gifting with pyramid enrollment. Without even considering the company compensation plan, the company promises people guarantee cash from people all over the world. All you need to do is to sign up, become an affiliate and start earning.

Cash gifting involves people sending each other money and that’s exactly what Let’s Multiply is all about. You are also entitled to commissions when you sponsor new affiliates into the business.

This part of recruiting new people into the business is what makes this business opportunity to look like a pyramid scheme.

In fact, the company uses seven matrices and each matrix tier grows larger than the previous one. For example, a 3×7 matrix contains 3,279 positions. This matrix requires a greater number of positions purchases when compared to the matrices before it. You actually need to fill the seventh tire to complete this matrix.

The only people that have hopes of filling these positions are the anonymous people that run this company.

The company relies on the money generated from the affiliate recruitment to pay its already existing members and run the business. So, if the company fails to recruit new members for a while, it might be forced to close its doors and you will end up losing all your investments.

In this light, it’s wise to think twice before deciding to invest your hard earned money with this business opportunity.

So This Company Is A Dud, But What Do You Recommend And What Do You Promote Manny?

So I fully recommend the opportunity that you can access below. I have gone right through the whole system with a fine tooth comb and think it is one of the better opportunities out there which is why I now personally endorse it.

I have been marketing it for just a short while and am already making thousands of dollars using it and I know that this works for absolute newbies as you will see if you click the image below.

Let's Multiply Review



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