Network Marketing Leads – Generate 25-50 Leads Per Day

Oh My Bad

I meant to say how to generate 25-50 Qualified Network Marketing Leads!

Because that makes all the difference.

Just getting leads is easy you coud buy 1000 leads tomorrow for pennies but would they help you in any way? Would they convert into sales?

I doubt it.

So the answer is getting leads that are already interested in what you have to offer and have the need for what your peddling…..

The old supply and demand.

No good getting a prospect who wants to learn how to improve his golf swing and try to sell them weight loss supplements mis-match.

What Are Leads

Well in the online world a lead is generally an email address, although it can also be a connection on Facebook or Skype.

Our purpose online is to get traffic (eyeballs – not literally lol) to your sign up or squeeze page – Here is an example of one I use

Once that traffic signs up they then join your email list and becomes your prospect or even better buyer.

So once you have the lead you now have  a way that you can continue to communicate with the person and educate them on how awesome you are and how your product or service will enhance their life for the better 🙂

Generally it is known as your list and you must have heard that term before………

A list of email address that you have collected through various methods,
some of which I will mention below, that now become your treasured list

-and as the saying goes the money is in the list so you have to nurture it.

So Where Are These Qualiied Network Marketing Leads Hiding?

There are many ways to get traffic and in turn leads but you can band it all into 2 categories eitheir paid traffic or Free traffic.

network marketing leads

Crazy but don’t let that frighten you.

You should use one method at a time and then when that’s getting you leads add another in and pretty soon you can see how you can start to reach that 25-50 leads daily

The ones I use and recommend for you in this order would be

  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • Blogging (on going process)
  • Social Media (Facebook and Twitter especially)
  • Solo Ads and Craigslist

Remember the most qualified network marketing lead there is, is a person that has actively gone out and searched for something you have to offer.

More than likely using the big boys Google or Youtube.

If you can find a way to show up highly in a search on the big G

when someone types in for example “How To Make Money Online” if your in my niche or whatever (maybe weight loss) for your niche then

♦ You Will Get Traffic

♦ That Traffic Will Convert To Leads

♦ Then Some Of Those Leads Will Become Buyers

Lifeblood of Online Marketing

Well hands down the most important thing in online marketing is leads.

Once you can get consistent leads all you have to do then is calculate how many leads you need in order to make a sale and it then becomes a simple numbers game.

However getting good leads to a crappy offer is a total waste of time and money…….

Which is why I promote “My Top Teir Business” MTTB

Which I believe hands down looks after everything you need once you have got traffic to your squeeze page (which they provide as well)

  • So the follow up emails to your prospect is looked after
  • They also do follow up phone support
  • You can make commissions of over $5,000
  • You get some of the best online marketing training around

So Go Out and Start Making That Money

So you now know how to build that quality list with qualified leads so go out and build that list of qualified network marketing leads.

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To Your Success