Pruvit Review – Will The Pruvit Opportunity Work For You?

Review of the Pruvit Online Business Opportunity 

Hello, and welcome to my review of Pruvit! I’ve been hearing a bit about this MLM company while it’s been in the pre-launch state, and chose to look into this opportunity further.

You’re probably arrived at this page because you’ve been approached regarding Pruvit, or maybe you’ve seen another review and you would like to know if it is legitimate. This is a great spot to be, because I’m now planning to explain everything I can about this company. I’ll also discuss the products put out by Pruvit and its unique compensation plan, so all the bases are covered.

First, let’s talk about the details of Pruvit in its pre-launch state.

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Pruvit Review — The Company 


In 2013, the company registered its domain name, and then updated it on March 28th, 2015.

The domain owner is Jennifer Grace, part of bHIP Global. The person who started this company (Terry LaCore) also created a previous MLM company, RippIn, which eventually was set aside.

RippIn had more members as well. The previous CEO, Brian Underwood, was part of the company, as was Michael Rutherford. Now, these two are the new directors of Pruvit. There was another director named Chris Harding, but no data is currently available on him.


Now in its VIP Launch state, Pruvit allows those who are already with the company to get started in their VIP affiliates section. So you’ll need to go ahead and sign up to begin selling for Pruvit. Or if you know someone who is currently with Pruvit, ask if you can join as well.

Pruvit Reviews — The Product Line

Investigating Pruvit’s prototype products, we can see that the company will be launching their flagship product: Keto-OS. This is essentially a supplement that provides ketones in a drink formula, generally being sold in tubs.

pruvit review

The company prices their products as follows: for 30 servings in tub size, the product is $140. For 30 servings in sachets, the cost is $160. For 15 servings in sachets, the cost is $80. There is currently no information on how Keto-OS is used, since there is currently no information on it yet.

Ketone supplements, as a general rule, will allow individuals to lose weight quickly. There is an enormous amount of info on the ketone diet available online right now.

The Pruvit VIP Compensation Method

Like other network marketing companies, with Pruvit, you are given earnings when you bring in new folks into the business and they buy a product pack.

So, for the initial VIP beginning session of the company, members are charged $350 to join. In order to participate fully in the company, you must be on the product autoship, which ranges from $80 for the 15 Keto-OS sachet to $140 for the tub. VIP members are given a discount, where you get 15 sachets for $76 and each tub for $133.

Their compensation plan is a uni-level style, paying 3 levels deep. So the initial level is made up of personal recruits, which will continue as long as you like. The 2nd level is composed of personally sponsored member recruits. So to get a clearer idea of how the compensation plan looks, you have:

Level 1: Personally Sponsored Members; $120 for each VIP affiliate you bring in.

Level 2: $30 for each VIP affiliate you bring in.

Level 3: $10 for each VIP affiliate you bring in.

Thus, the buy-in is $350 to begin and an auto-ship ranging from $76-$133 per month.

pruvit reviews

Pruvit Review — The Conclusion

The company generally looks good, but be a bit careful.

Since Pruvit is still in its pre-launch, it’s a good idea to wait a few months to see if the company gains some traction. Their marketing material is a bit odd, as well; they’ll ask you to urinate onto a special ketone detector then display pictures on Facebook to prove that there are in fact actual ketones in your body. This is a bit of a strange tactic, and somewhat gross, in my opinion. Hah!

However, ketone supplements do help overall, but we don’t yet know much about the formula for this one.

pruvit compensation plan

Another slight issue with Pruvit is its reliance on recruitment.

When participating in an opportunity like this, you might be thinking, “Can I simply make money just by distributing the product it offers, or must I recruit as well?” And the problem for many people with network marketing is that they cannot recruit.

It is very hard for the average person to recruit for an MLM company. This is based on a lack of materials from the company explaining how to build trust, how to market effectively, and how to get new people involved in the process. And so, many people fail at recruiting, which is why most companies like this aren’t great for business opportunities.

Opportunities for Making Money With No Recruiting Involved

After reviewing tons of business opportunities, it seems there are just 2 that allow you to earn by just marketing the product.
This falls more under the category of direct sales……

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Why I believe in this opportunity is:

That many individuals with zero experience at all,  are profiting online and making serious cash from the start by just diving in and watching the training. You don’t need to be a salesman or a rockstar marketer. You don’t need any experience selling products, recruiting, or to know hardly anything about marketing online.

If you’ve struggled to make money online but can’t recruit, this is a great option that requires zero interaction or selling. Why not let the experts do all that stuff for you 🙂

Hopefully my Pruvit review has helped you make a decision. If you are currently with the company, please share your results with us!

To Your Success


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