The Cure For Shiny New Object Syndrome

Have You Got Shiny New Object Syndrome?


So you’ve just bought another new product because the marketing said your gonna make $10,000 in 10 minutes…

Maybe you do or don’t open it (most don’t :))

You give it a quick try for maybe a week….Then you think this is crap; I’m not rich yet; they lied to me and you let it gather dust on your computer…

But then you see something on Facebook that cathes your eye

It says make $20,000 in 20 minutes doing nothing….

This has got to be the one. So you pull out your credit card and buy this next new fad….

Sound familiar?

So how can we stop this and learn to market in a way that will make us money and will last and not just be the next new toy or shiny object of the moment?

I discuss that in the video below:

Shiny New Object Syndrome Cure The cure to Shiny New Object Syndrome


So the answer is in picking a product and just staying with it at least till you start to get sales.

Then after your getting consistent sales you can decide if you want to jump ship to another product but at least you now know how to sell.

One of the things I promote does all the hard work and the selling bit for you and there are a host of people that are using it to be successful online

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