Spillover Factory Review – Is Spillover Factory Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Spillover Factory Review


Spillover Factory has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially on social media networks. Chances are someone has approached you and asked you to join the opportunity. That’s why you are here to find out if the business is worth investing. Choosing which business opportunity to invest in is a big decision and thorough research should always be done before you make the decision. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Spillover Factory.

Spillover Factory Review

Spillover Factory Review – The Company

According to the company’s official website, Mike Maxwell is identified as the Director of Spillover Factory. What’s more, there is an address that suggests the business might be located somewhere in Delaware in the United States.

A little more research revealed that this address actually belongs to Bobbi Rhian’s Executive Lounge. It is hard to explain why the business is using an address that actually belongs to another company; however it is clear that Bobbi Rhian’s has absolutely nothing to do with Spillover Factory.

What’s more surprising is the fact that there isn’t any background information about Mike Maxwell on the company’s official website. His name is written there, but there isn’t any information about where he is from, his accomplishments, or his history in the MLM business.

The website domain name (“spilloverfactory.com”) appears to have been registered on December 12th, 2016. After registration, the domain was set to private, meaning that you can’t access the information about who owns or runs the business or where the business is located.

It looks like Spillover Factory is based out of Germany and not Delaware as their website suggests. German is the default language that Spillover Factory website uses, and according to Alexa rankings, 25% of all the traffic that their website receives originates out of Germany.

All these information suggests that Spillover Factory might actually be managed or owned by someone who is based out of Germany. Do not be surprised to find out that Mike Maxwell might not be a real person. If this is the case, then we will have a network marketing business opportunity that is based out of Germany with no face or name to associate with it.

Spillover Factory Review – The Product Line

When it comes to Spillover Factory product line side of things, there isn’t much to say. This is a direct selling opportunity that is trying to make things work without any type of product line in their business model. This means that there aren’t any retail products or services available for affiliates to promote and sell.

Spillover Factory affiliates only responsibility is to sell the business’s affiliate membership. This means that the business only depends on the money generated from selling affiliate membership to run the company.

Spillover Factory Review – The Compensation Plan

When it comes to Spillover Factory compensation side of things, affiliates are able to earn commissions by investing their own money into a five tier matrix cycler. The maximum sizes of cycler that the business uses are 5×1 and 2×3. The positions in both matrices are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates to join the business.

A 5×1 cycler matrix requires five positions to be filled to complete a cycle

A 2×3 cycler matrix places one affiliate at the top of a team, with two positions directly beneath them. These two posts create the 1st level of the matrix. The 2nd level of the matrix is created by splitting the 1st level into another two posts each. The 3rd level is created using the same procedure and it results in a total of 8 posts.

Spillover Factory

The company pays out commissions once the cycle is triggered. The payments are as follows:

Initially, all affiliates start their journey by investing their own money into the Start level. The Start level is part of the 5×1 cycler matrix and it will cost you 0.01 BTC. There are no commissions here but you will be cycled up into Basic.

The Basic requires you to invest 0.5BTC for each post. The Basic level is part of the 2×3 cycler matrix, and once it is filled, affiliates receive a payout of 0.05BTC. In addition, you will be cycled up to the Business matrix.

The Business matrix affiliates receive a commission of 0.1BTC after cycling through the 2×3 cycler matrix that is being employed here. What’s more, you will be required to create two new Business matrixes positions and be cycled up into the Profi matrix.

The Profi matrix is part of a 2×3 cycler matrix, and it pays out a commission of 2 BTC. In addition, you will be cycled up into the VIP matrix, the final level.

The VIP matrix is also a part of the 2×3 cycler matrix, and it pays out a commission of 80BTC.

Spillover Factory also offers its affiliates referral commissions. The commissions are paid out when personally sponsored affiliates cycle out of Start level, Basic levels and Business level. The commissions are paid as follows:

Start matrix – Earns you a commission of 0.01BTC

Basic matrix – Earns you a commission of 0.02BTC

Business matrix – Earns you a commission of 0.3BTC

Spillover Factory Review – The Cost to Join

If you are interested in joining this opportunity, you will be required to invest your own money into either the Start matrix level (costs 0.01BTC) or the Basic matrix level (costs 0.5BTC). There is also the third option that requires you to invest in both.

Is Spillover Factory Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

It is normal for every MLM business opportunity to have both good reviews and bad reviews on the web. Some people are saying that Spillover Factory is a scam and others are saying it is legit. So, who is telling the truth? To be honest, Spillover Factory isn’t really a complete scam. You can make money with the opportunity if you improve your marketing and sales techniques.

Spillover Factory Scam


As mentioned earlier, the company doesn’t offer any products or services to market and sell to retail customers. It only relies on the money generated from the sale of affiliate membership to run the business and pay its employees. After joining the opportunity, you are a promised a ROI of 82.15BTC once you make an investment of 0.01BTC or 0.5BTC. This sounds too good to be true, and in reality, the only folks who will earn anything are the anonymous people behind the company. So, think really hard before you decide to invest your money into this business opportunity.

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Spillover Factory Review



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