What Is A Sales Funnel And How Does It Work

So What Is A Sales Funnel Anyway?


Sales Funnels = Fancy names that affiliate marketers give to a process you take people through

So from the minute someone arrives at your website or opt-in page

(what’s that? hold your horses….. I’ll show you in a picture below in a sec)

But from that moment, you want to take them through a few steps and hope with all your might that the last step….

….Is them pulling out their credit card and buying……Yeh!!

To explain it in non geeky marketer terms think of what happens when you walk into say a Walmart and right at the front there’s a sleazy sales person that says give me your email address and I’ll give you a coupon for 20% off Olive oil 🙂

You then walk in go up to the Olive oil section read about it and then think “I like this” and you then buy it.

Online it is very similar

This is what most sales funnels look like:

What Is A Sales Funnel

But here’s the problem…..

These types of funnels no longer work in the 21st Century.

Back in the day you would get people (let’s just say from Facebook) to go to your opt-in page and then once they’ve signed in you would send them to a sales offer and voila they give you money.


People have seen it all

They are less trusting because they’ve bought so many crappy, spammy products that they run a mile if you just send them to a sales offer….

Now you need to give a lot more value before you get people to buy….

Most people need to see an offer at least 7 times before they decide that they are going to give it a go….

So now the new 21st Century sales funnels looks more like this (well at least the successful ones):

what is a sales funnel

Did you notice the subtle difference?

Now…..You need to tell people a lot more about the product ie give more value

You do this by having more videos, Facebook lives, testimonials etc

And then people start to see the value and then Voila they buy

So what is a sales funnel?

It a way to educate people about your offer; give them tons of value and take them through a learning process that results in you having a happy customer that is happy to give you their money.

Remember people like to buy but they just don’t want to be forced to do it and a good sales funnel helps guide them to the buying decision rather than shove the offer down their throats

Below the video will explain further what a good sales funnel is: (Check Video Below)

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