What Is A Value Ladder In Affiliate Marketing

In this article we look at What Is A Value Ladder and how you can use it to market correctly in affiliate marketing.

You have to think how most people market affiliate products.

  • They get their link
  • They blast crappy traffic at it and
  • Then they continue to harass all of the prospects that they get….Their message is usually


If you have been trying to do this yourself you probably already know – that dosen’t work.

However, what does work is building a decent funnel and building what we call a Value Ladder

In this video I will explain exactly what a Value Ladder is and how you can use it to make money in affiliate marketing

What Is A Value LadderWhat you should get from this, is that you should start to think about how you are going to put your value ladder together….

Write down 4 things that increase in value over time till you reach the big pay offs,which will come the more value you give

I hope you enjoyed this article on What Is A Value Ladder. If you do want to know exactly the thing that I used to help me learn this, and build my own value ladder you can click this link and check it out for yourself.


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