5 Reasons You Can’t Make Money Online

I can’t make money online like 98% of others


So your banging your head against the wall thinking

“I can’t make money online….Why?……..I see so many people making money just by getting into opportunity x and in 30 days…….they make $5,000″

Well what’s the secret give me the red magic pill…….pleeeeeese

Unfortunately there is no magic pill but……….

Here are the top 5 reasons that I was guity of and what most people are doing that will sabotage any efforts your doing to make money using the internet

1. Not Having The Right Mindset

I know what your thinking……….

yawn, yawn…….boring

But this is probably the biggest reason most people don’t succeed.

Firstly they don’t believe that they can do it.

For whatever reason those gurus are cut from a different cloth they have:

More Money
More Knowledge
A Sexy Story
A…….. (insert your excuse here)

But the only difference is that they immerse themselves in postive messages they learnt what they had to and believed 100% in themselves and that they would make it.

So listen to positive messages daily.

Read self development books then you will start to realise your story and your knowledge matters and people will connect with you.


 2. Having Shiny Object Syndrome

Just like a Magpie will grab a shiny ring and as it flies away with it will see a shiny bracelet on the floor and in mid flight drop the ring and swoop down for the bracelet

Opportunity seekers are no different.

They get into opportunity A with great intentions because they saw the Guru that told them how easy it would be to make money with this……….But then

2 weeks later when they have seen no results they start browsing the internet again and


Guru Number 2 arrives and says

You should get into my opportunity “All you have to do is send one email and you make $500 for that”. Well of course you want in

Easier than opportunity A

Sound Familiar?

Unfortunately there is no quick fix.

Whatever opportunity you choose you have to work at it daily.

You have to put a small effort in, on a consistent basis…….and when you hit roadblocks you then

Speak to your mentor or go out and find the answers yourself because once you do, you will start to see success and your income will then start to grow.

“Behind Every Fear Is A Miracle Waiting To Happen”

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3. Not Getting A Mentor

This could be your sponsor but every successful person online at some point had a mentor.

Even those that are at the top of their game and crushing it online have someone that they can go to, to ask advice or bounce ideas off.

All top athletes or performers have someone that keep them accountable and push them that extra bit more.

It took me a while to get this but as soon as I did I started to see results.

Some online opportunities involve you having a sponsor to guide you but……

Before you get guidance from anyone make sure that

  • They have the qualities you want to aspire to……Watch their videos………Read some of their content and then
  • Contact them and see how they respond. Send them an email “Can I make money online with your guidance…..”

If they take 3 weeks to respond……then I would stay clear.

But getting a mentor is an important step to being successful and making money online


4. Follow The 80:20 Rule

Here we are talking about the balance between learning and taking action.

So most people watch educational webinars, YouTube videos, read How-To books………

80% of the time

And do any type of work

Only 20% of the time………….

Well the balance is all wrong.

You need to be taking action 80% of the time whatever that is. It could be

Writing an article
Making a video
Facebook Marketing
Building your site

You need education but when you learn something new implement it

Go out and try it.


5. Make Mistakes

can't make money online

You have to make your own mistakes……

I suppose that goes hand in hand with taking action.

But what most people do is read and learn about everything there is to know about making money online without taking hardly any action

Then when they do venture out and “give it a go”

They get no results and feel…….gotta learn more 🙂 lol

You have to make your mistakes because it’s only through that

That you find out what works for you and eventually you can stop saying…….

“Can’t make money online”

And say…….

“I’m crushing it online…….”

To Your Success

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this article on why I can’t make money online if you have any comments please leave them in the box below



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