Buyer Keywords – How To Target Buyer Keywords

Buyer Keywords – so how are they different from a normal keyword


No thanks (well I thought it was funny 🙂 )

So what is a buyer keyword? Well 1st of all what is a keyword?

buyer keywords


Keywords are words or phrases that people type in usually into the big G (Google) to find your products or services

E.g. if someone wanted to make money online they may type “how to make money online” or “best way to make money online”

However you need to be able to work out which keywords are just the type people would type in if they were browsing the net or just doing some research


Those they would type in when they are ready to buy

Here are a list of normal vs buyer keywords that I target:


buyer keywords*Could really be both but I have found this works as a buyer keyword

You can see that the buyer keywords are a lot more specific……

When a person is ready to buy…..

They want to know about the specific product in this case MTTB

They want to know if it is a scam

They want to know the price


They want to know if they can get any deals or bonuses.

Learn To Rank These Buyer Keywords And Cash In!

So as a marketer it is your job to target those keywords.


If you can rank in YouTube or the Big G for these type of buyer keywords

Do you think you’ll make sales?

I reckon…..YES!

When people are searching for these terms they are in a buying state.

They’ve done the research now they’re ready to pull out their money and that’s when you want to be showing up and

Cashing in.

So make sure when you are targeting a product to sell,  your going after some of these type of keywords because they could make all the difference between reaching people that are just….

Tyre kickers or Freebie seekers


People that are serious in what you sell and want to buy.

I hope you got some value out of this post about Buyer Keywords. If you did please leave a comment below.

To your success


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