Aspire Business System Review – Is Aspire Business System Scam?

Aspire Business System Review


There has been a lot of excitement about the Aspire Business System recently, so what exactly is it?

Run by Michael Force, the Aspire Business System is the marketing system that forms the basis of the offering by a company called ‘Digital Altitude’.

Michael Force has over 15 years of experience working within Internet marketing and has been a leading producer of courses and content in that subject and had been responsible for training thousands of people around the world in his techniques. He also has support from top industry leaders as well, all of who have helped create his training materials and marketing products.

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Aspire Business System Product

At its core, the Aspire Business System is an educational course that, by using online materials and access to mentors, aims to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to start your own business that offers an affiliate marketing model.

It is made up of four different stages:

  • Start Up – This offers beginner level advice on starting your online company
  • Set Up – This provides key information about automating the activities of your company to increase efficiency and profits
  • Scale Up – This level helps you with increasing the size of your business and how to keep customers with you long-term
  • Training – Here you will receive the tips and tricks of online traffic strategies from the industry’s leading experts

There are three tiers of membership available with Aspire, which offer increased levels of support the higher you go (and pay). The level you choose also affect your earning opportunities associated with the reward scheme. They are:

  • ‘Aspire Walker Level’ which costs $37 per month
  • ‘Aspire Hiker Level’ which costs $67 per month
  • ‘Aspire Climber Level’ which costs $127 per month.

Further products are also available, including residential courses that are held once a year, and include:

  • Base – At a cost of $797 this offers a variety of materials to help with shortcuts, tools and resources to help get your company going
  • Rise – At a cost of $1997 this offers ‘key mindsets and concepts developed by top marketers for success’ alongside other online tools to help run your company and grow it further
  • Ascend – At a cost of $9997 this is a 3-day retreat for two people which offers the chance to learn from some of the worlds most successful people in internet marketing
  • Peak – At a cost of $16,997 this is a 5-day retreat for two people which enables you to meet and learn from a wide selection of experts
  • Apex – At a cost of $27,997 this is a 7-day retreat for two people which offers the chance to learn about the ‘art of wealth building, real estate and asset management’.

Earning Potential with the Aspire Business System Opportunity

So the Aspire Business System offers some great tools for helping you kick-start your business, but there is also various income streams related to membership to the system.

You are able to earn commission for every time you sell one of the products to someone else. The way commission is calculated is through a ‘3 level unilevel structure’. This is far easier to understand than it first seems.

You are placed in a position at the top of a grid. Every person that you introduce to the scheme is placed in a position on the grid directly beneath you. This is called level 1. Every new affiliate that is introduced by people on level 1 will be placed directly beneath them. This forms level 2. Level 3 is formed by all of the people introduced by members on level 2.

Aspire business system review

Your level of membership with the Aspire Business System determines the commission you earn from these 3 levels.

  • Walker Membership – Your membership cost of $37 per month entitles you to a 40% commission of all purchases by people on your Level 1
  • Hiker Membership – Your membership cost of $67 per month entitles you to a 40% commission of all purchases by people on your level 1, and 10% commission on purchases by level 2 members
  • Climber Membership – Your membership cost of $127 per month entitles you to a 45% commission of all purchases by people on your Level 1, 10% commission on purchases of Level 2 members, and 5% commission on purchases of your Level 3 members

This is a ‘pay-to-play’ structure, because you are required to maintain a monthly membership to be entitled to commissions, and require the Climber membership to receive commissions for all three levels. Any commission that is due from a sale that you are not entitled to will keep passing up the chain until it is paid out to a qualifying affiliate.

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Michael Force has run a variety of companies over the years and he draws from that experience with the Aspire Business System, which currently has many satisfied customers.

The training materials that you gain from membership can be invaluable to your own business needs, and the income opportunity can be very rewarding if you put in the work. The ‘pay-to-play’ element isn’t so bad, because there are some low cost entry options to get you started without having to buy one of the premium courses.

There’s also a $1 trial membership available through their website which gives you a chance to try it out before you commit further funds.

While there are many opportunities out there that a blatant scams, the Aspire Business System is very open and transparent with its company structure- and it provides a great service for members to upgrade to higher levels.

The reward scheme generates income from affiliate sales as well as sales to retail customers, which means that, as long as the product continues to be worthwhile, there are various methods of income to pay the commissions, as opposed to the more dubious schemes that fund returns purely from investment from new members.

The opportunity comes recommended by many people. You should, of course, fully research the company before getting involved yourself- but if you aren’t sure, you can have a peek in the door using my bonus link below that will only cost you $1 and you can get a 100% refund if it is not for you.

In the worst-case scenario you don’t like it and you get your dollar refunded, in the best-case scenario you’ll find an opportunity that works great for you and will provide you with great tools that show you how to effectively market only.

aspire business system scam

So I fully recommend this opportunity. I have gone right through the Aspire Business System with a fine tooth comb and fully endorse it which is why I now personally endorse it and am making thousands of dollars using it and know that this works for absolute newbies.

For your bonus $1 entry click the image below

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