Burn The Bridges

Burn the bridges mindset….what is that?

If you have this mindset and this resonates with you then you’re probably where I was just a few short months ago……

Most people when they think about marketing online or for that matter most things in life have a “I’ll dip my toe in and see” attitude.

Apart funnilly enough when it comes to the dreaded day JOB where the opposite is true……I’ll keep doing this dull job, day-in day-out until I reach the grand old age of 65 when I’ll get my pension and then start living the life I always wanted to…….

What made me think of this topic was my breakup with a girlfriend I had been with for almost 2 years.

After breaking up she was happy to have me on the sidelines and call me every now and then to “check up” on me but in reality probably just to check that I was still thinking about her…….even though emotionally she had completely moved on.

But eventually I got the strength to say to her enough I need you to stop contacting me

I had to burn the bridges to move on……

burn the bridges

And using that example for online marketing it is not until you decide that enough is enough, that you no longer want to play at being a marketer

You now want to start seriously building an online business that’s when things will change and you will start to succeed.

Don’t get me wrong it is good to have a job but use the money you earn from that to plug into your online business.

Have a deadline for when you decide that you will become an all-in marketer and work consistenly towards that.

The Beauty of Burning the Bridges

You now have no where to go.

You show your mind that this is it.

It’s sink or swim.

I personally started to give my marketing 3 hours a day at first after work and then more as things started to take off……

I stopped viewing this as a hobbie and started to work daily towards my goal

I just knew that I had to take the whole thing really seriously.

When you decide that you’ve had enough of the JOB and you let go of the “Just going to give this a try” mindset you WILL see success.

You Have Your Own Barometer

You know if something dosen’t feel right.

We all have an internal emotion meter that lets you know when your on your path because even if it feels uncomfortable at first your still happy inside.

So if you drag yourself to work everyday just hoping that this dreary day will roll by as quickly as possible so as you can go home to vegetate infront of the TV

Then you don’t need me to tell you…….

Your Not Happy!!

And your on the wrong path.

Burning the bridges can be difficult

Of course anything in life worth doing is difficult and you don’t get instant reward…..

But eventually as with my ended relationship and my dedication to marketing you start to feel happy with your decision and you feel the beauty and enlightenment of success.

So don’t be afraid to burn the bridges because the new world you’ll create will be amazing

To Your Success


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