Finding Your Guru

You’ve been looking everywhere, you’ve taken the plung with a few people that you really thought you could trust

Infact you have been on your path to finding your guru for the past 2 years but yet

You still haven’t found what your looking for…….

In the past you have been left high and dry by the last guru’s promises to stand by your side and help you make this business opportunity a success….

Yet as soon as you entered your credit card details they disappeared as quick as a ferret down a rabbit hole.

As for the emails that you’ve been sending them for the last month not a peep in response….just you sat infront of a computer in frustration.

Not Again!!!

Be Your Own Guru

What you have to learn is that you have to be your own Guru!!

Guru after guru will keep letting you down until you learn that……..

You Are The Guru!!!!

The person that has to see the vision is you

The person that has to be consistent is you

The person that has to take the action is you.

You see what an outside  guru can give you is education.

They can help cut your journey by about a third but no matter how good they are they can’t make it happen…….if you don’t take action.

They can be there to listen to your problems and tell you how they got through the same issue, which they enevitably had, but again they can’t roll up your sleeves and push you into action

Formula For Success

So what is the formula to suceess

So here goes to be the guru you need…………….brrrrrrrrr (that’s the drum roll 🙂 )

  • 25% Advice – So this is where the so-called Guru comes into play. A good one will educate and support you as much as they can
  • 25% Discipline – This is all on you. In this industry you don’t have a boss and you can’t look to any guru to give you this eitheir
  • 25% Commitment – Even though things may not work and you hit brick walls, which you will, you just commit to the result and continue to push on.
  • 25% Action – The dreaded action again. You have to take some action and do something, from that you test and tweak till you make it work.

Whether you believe it or not I’ve just given you the key to making money online and to be able to become the person that others call the guru.

Shiny Ball Syndrome Again

As we said earlier the guru can only take you so far.

What tends to happen when you can’t reach the person who signed you up for your opportunity you begin to believe

“It’s A Scam”

“The Guru Is Only Making Money By Tricking Others To Part With Their Money”

And Then… give up and decide –

I’m not going to follow Guru A anymore I’m off to Guru B

Off you march to buy another product with the same promises.

You see most people just want to ride on the short term high that a new product gives you.

They work like a mad person for the 1st couple of weeks because they believe the income claims and want it badly…..

But without the ingredients above when you hit that inevitable brick wall you’ll relapse and start looking for something or someone to blame.

What Do I Do To Be The Guru?

Try this on for size……

Get the information you need from the training of the Guru…

Stop buying anymore products and instead for the next 2 months just keep working, even if you see no “results” just keep plugging away…..

Use the money you would have spent on the next 2-3 opportunities to promote your business…..because that’s what this is a business.

If you want to really succeed with online marketing and making money online you have to treat this as what it is a proper business that requires an initial budget.

Do this for a couple of months and then you can see what results you’ll get.

Great quote is :

‘The world’s best GPS can’t help you if you stay in one spot’

So get moving!!

To Your Success




Meet the Author

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