Crush Global Reviews – Is Crush Global Pyramid Scheme?

Crush Global Reviews


Crush Global was launched in September 2016 and is based in Kentucky, USA. According to the company’s official website, Josh S. Henderson is listed as the founder and the CEO of Crush Global.

Mr. Henderson is also the founder and the CEO of Lightyear Wireless’ MLM division, Lightyear Network Solutions. This is an MLM business opportunity that was created in 1997. The company changed its name to Lighyear Communications in the year 2000 and two year later, it was declared bankrupt.In 2003, all the assets of Lightyear Communications were transferred t over to Lighyear Network Solutions.

Crush Global Reviews

Crush Global Reviews – The Product Line

The company specializes in selling “savings and rewards program” memberships.

Gold Membership

Gold members pay an upfront fee of $299 followed by a monthly subscription fee of $49.99. The members have the following benefits:

· Full access to Crush Global mall

· Dining discounts

· Entertainment discounts

· Shopping rewards

· Crush Global IMS platform

· Resort booking engine

· Travel booking engine

· Energy reward points

· Wireless reward points

· gift cards

Platinum Membership 

Platinum members pay an upfront fee of $499 followed by a monthly subscription fee of $99.99. The members enjoy all the benefits that gold members have plus the following:

· TeleHealth

· Discounts on wireless, wellness and energy

Products and services brought by individual third party traders on the Crush Global website are as follows:

Crush Mall: This is an online platform that totals rebates, deals, and savings from the traders involved. The program is sponsored by Linkable Networks and Azigo.

Crush IMS: This is an all-in-one marketing tool and it retails at 39.99 dollars per month

Wireless plans: Wireless plans go for 20 dollars to 69.95 dollars per month via Tempo Wireless.

The “coming soon” services include energy, travel and essential services.

Crush Global

Crush Global Compensation Plan


The company pays its affiliates members to sell the Platinum and Gold memberships. There are also additional products and services that are provided through third party traders, which also pay out through the company’s compensation plan.

Retail and Recruitment Commissions

Once an affiliate succeeds in selling a Gold or Platinum membership, he or she is paid a direct commission. The membership can be sold to other affiliates members or to retail (real) customers.

The amount of commission paid is based on the type of membership sold and the rank of the selling affiliate. The commissions earned are as follows:

Brand Agent: Receives $100 for Gold sale and $150 for Platinum sale

Regional Director: Receives $125 for Gold sale and $185 for Platinum sale

Vice President: Receives $150 for Gold sale and $220 for Platinum sale

National Vice President: Receives $175 for Gold sale and $ 255 for Platinum sale

Executive Vice President: Receives $200 for Gold sale and $ 300 for Platinum sale

Residual Commissions

When it comes to residual commissions the company employs the unilevel compensation plan to pay its affiliates. This plan places a member at the top of a unilevel team, with every member that he or she recruits placed directly beneath them.

Crush Global payable unilevel levels at five, with five percent to 20 percent (5%-20%) commission paid out on monthly membership fees.

Infinity Coded Residual

This bonus allows an affiliate to earn commission beyond the first five levels of his or her unilevel team.

Retail Customer Pool

The pool is made up to one percent of all the membership sold to retail customers and Crush Global affiliates. The Retail Customer Pool is paid out every month to affiliates who are lucky to be part of the pool.

Generational Override

This bonus is only entitled to VP and higher ranked affiliates. The VP and the lucky affiliate earn one generation override on each membership sale.

Rank Advancement Bonuses

.Affiliates who are lucky to qualify as VPs or higher are awarded with the rank advancement bonuses as follows:

If you are lucky to be a VP for two consecutive months you will be awarded with an iPad Pro or iPhone 6

If you are lucky to qualify as a National VP for two consecutive months you will be awarded with 15,000 dollars, paid out as 500 dollars for a period of 30 months

If you are lucky to qualify as an Executive VP for two consecutive months you will be awarded with 50,000 dollars, paid out as 1,000 dollars for a period of 50 months

Lifestyle Reward Program

The bonus is payable to VPs and higher ranked affiliates only. It is a monthly bonus.

Crush Global Pyramid Scheme

Joining Crush Global


As a new member, you will be required to pay an upfront fee of $29 to become a Crush Global affiliate. To remain as a Crush Global affiliate you will have to pay the monthly subscription fees.

Is Crush Global Pyramid Scheme?


Even though you earn from this opportunity by recruiting others and making money on their earnings which traditionally would fall under the pyramid scheme bracket, there are products that you aquire as well so I wouldn’t call this a pyramid scheme No



If you are financial stable and you are able to buy the Gold or the Platinum membership and pay the monthly subscription fees, Crush Global is an ideal business opportunity for you.

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Crush Global Reviews



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