Neways International Reviews – Is Neways International Scam or Legit?

Neways International Reviews

Neways International is a network marketing company that specializes in nutritional, personal care and household cleaning products. Their mission is to create a healthy and safe environment that is free from ingredients that are harmful to our health and any other living thing.

The company was launched in 1992 and its headquarters are situated in Springville, Utah, US. Thomas and Leslie Mower are the brains behind Neways but the company is currently owned by Golden Gate Capital.

Golden Gate Capital acquired Neways International after the founders were convicted of tax evasion:

The founders of Neways (the Mowers) were convicted of tax fraud in 2006. Thomas and Leslie Mower devised and executed a plan to conceal over $4 million in income. In addition, Thomas created a fake loan document and made false statements to agents of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

He was sentenced to serve 33 months in prison to be followed by 3 years supervised release and forced to pay $75,000 in fines as well as court costs.

Leslie was given a shorter sentence of 27 months in prison with 3-years supervised release and a fine of $60,000.

Neways International is presently under the leadership of Robert Conlee. Before his appointed as the new CEO of Neways in July 2012, Robert held executive positions in Xango (CEO) and also in Nu Skin (President, North Asia and Japan).

Neways International Reviews

Neways International Reviews – The Product Line

The company is known for selling a variety of product in the nutrition, personal care and household cleaning MLM niche.

Unlike its founders, Neways products have a clean record. In fact, they produce products that are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. Neways product line is as follows:

Digestive health, acai berry based energy, immune health drinks, athletic water and “essential nutrients”

Anti-aging, bone and joint health, anti-oxidant, cardiovascular and detoxification, preventative health, men’s and women’s health and weight management supplements

A wide variety of household cleaning products

Complexion, lip and eye cosmetics

Bath and body, anti-aging, skin and hair personal care products

Neways International Scam

Neways International Reviews – The Compensation Plan

The company pays out its affiliates using the two unilevel compensation plan. The first commission is paid out on the first 100 volume points generated by the newly recruited distributors, and the second commission is paid on any remaining points.

Neways also offers retail commissions, fast start bonus and car and office bonus.

Retail Commissions

The company defines retail commission as the business distributors. This means that no commission is paid out by the business on retail sales. However, distributors can have retail customers order via their replicated storefronts, with each order attracting a retail commission of 30%.

Fast Start Bonus

The business pays out a fast start bonus of $50 on each member that you recruit to the company, once the newly recruited members generate 150 personal volumes (PV) per month. The newly recruited members can generate this PV either by buying Neways monthly autoship program that costs $150 per month, or by selling the company’s products to retail customers.

Car and Office Bonus

Car and office bonus is paid out at a rate of 15 percent of a member’s earned commissions or 1,000 dollars, whichever is less.

In order to qualify for this bonus, you must be a Neways Senior Executive distributor or higher and have earned at least 2,000 dollars in commissions for 3 consecutive months. You must maintain this status if you want to continue earning the monthly car and office bonus.

Joining Neways International


To become a Neways distributor you will be required to pay an annual registration fee of $19.95. In addition, if a newly recruited distributor signs up for the $150 monthly autoship order, the yearly distributorship fee of $19.95 is waived.

Neways International



The company has been around for a while now and they have managed to build a reputation for themselves despite the tax evasion charges that their founders faced. It is not easy for consumers to trust a company that lack transparency and its founders charged with tax evasion, however, Neways International has done a great job in maintaining its distributors and attracting new prospective distributors.

The business’s compensation plan is straight forward and easy to understand. In addition, Neways is currently under new management and there is hope that things will change for the better. However, it is always advisable to do thorough research and make sure that the MLM company you are about to join is ideal for you.

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Neways International Reviews



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