Follow Up Sales Marketing – Know Your Numbers

When Marketing You Need To Know About Follow Up Sales Marketing


I know that may just sound a little bit like gobbly goog at the moment but in essense what that means is….

When marketing anything you need to know your numbers

You need to know that if I put $1 in I get at the very least $2 back

I explain everything in a lot more detail in this video

Follow Up Sales MarketingYou see the that is your going to spend money on advertising, which is advised in affiliate marketing

You need to be able to make back the advertising spend plus some 🙂

So you need to be able to sell products that do one of two things:

  1. Pay you a residual commission – that is you get paid every month
  2. Pay you higher priced commissions after the first sale

Now if you do that you know that in time you will get back your ad spend plus lots lots more.

Then it makes sense to spend money on ads because you now know your numbers

I hope this helps and you understand the value of follow up sales marketing.

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