Affiliate Marketing Is A Scam?

So Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam Like I Keep Hearing?


If you’ve been in affiliate marketing for any length of time you have already heard the claims that it’s all a scam and that you should stay away….

Either you, or someone you know, have tried it and lost a truck load of money doing what those guru’s told you to do and your back where you started only thousands of dollars poorer

And completely pissed…..

So it’s gotta be a scam..Hasn’t it?

Well you may have been doing a few things wrong….Watch the video to see my take on it and see if you agree or not

What Is The Rule Of 7 In Affiliate Marketing

I don’t know if you agree with what I say in the video..

When people get burned they put their backs up and get very defensive but all I can say is there ARE people out there having success with affiliate marketing

And they are no different to you..

In fact, I’d bet that you have a lot more skills and knowledge than some of them (trust me on that one lol)

Anyways to wrap this up back to the question…

Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam?

I would say No!!

It has helped change mine and many other people’s life

But you do need to have patience and consistency to see results, and to make it work

I hope that helped and you got some value from it.

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affiliate marketing is a scam



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