How To Make Money Online 2014

So it’s 2014 and the realisation that if you don’t discover how to start making some money from other things than your job……

Has hit you like a runaway frieght train.

You can see on TV how people are being made redundant from jobs they have held for over 18 years and have to start all over again.

You look in the mirror and think….”I don’t want this for me”

How Do I Change This Path?

There are many ways to change this and put some wonga in your pocket this year ……..

For me I asked the question how to make money online in 2014

I believe the easiest way to do this is via marketing online using affiliate marketing.

Using affiliate marketing you can avoid falling into the 70% of people that are practically completely broke at the point of retirement

Just take a look at these statistics…….I couldn’t believe it

How To Make Money Online 2014

makemoney online 2014
how to make money online 2014

How To Make Money Online 2014

So how would you avoid this dilemma above?

The solution to this lies in doing 3 simple and doable steps

  • Get A Mentor – Get someone who has shown that they fit into the 1% of those people that will be considered wealthy and listen and follow every word. Important here is to take action
  • Get A System – Use an online affiliate product that has a system all set up for you. There is an entry level product and most importantly there is a top tier upgrade product that can make you huge commissions of $1,000+. So the system carries the heavy load. The one I use is MTTB
  • Learn How To Get Traffic – This is the lifeblood of any online marketing and without it you won’t get people to hear about your offer or services. So to do this I would use eithier free methods like YouTube and Facebook or paid methods like solo ads.

These are the essential steps in how to make money online in 2014 and if you follow them to the letter you will raise your chances of escaping the dreaded rat race and retire a lot happier than most.

MTTB System Ticks All The Boxes

So how could you find something that captures all 3 of the requirements above and can help you to quickly make money online in 2014?


MTTB or My Top Tier Business does all that for you.

The MTTB System:

  • Has coaches. Live people that you get their phone numbers and Skype addresess and who will mentor you through everything you need to do to start earning quickly
  • Is a complete done for you system. It incorparates everything you need to start marketing successfully online. From the squeeze page to the back end offers that can make you commissions of over $5,000, it’s all looked after
  • Gives you training on every type of traffic form that you could possible think of. They show how to get FREE, Low-cost and paid traffic in easy to follow videos


As well as all this if you decide to get involved here

You will get from me:

  • A FREE 30 Min Skype call with me where we set up your marketing system ($250 Value)
  • My YouTube Marketing Secrets Video ($27 Value)
  • Access to my mentors Membership Group that could supercharge you into making money this year if you follow the tips and tricks inside ($2,000 Value)

So How Have You Decided To Make Money Online in 2014?

Whatever you decide to do you can see that if you don’t take some conscious action to move away from what the rest of society does on a day to day basis your going to end up as most people do……….too old and broke to do anything about it.

So do you want to keep waking up and dragging yourself to a job that you hate with a passion and spend most of your day watching the clock move at a snails pace till eventually one day just seems to blur into the next……….

And where you only break from that is vegetating infront of the TV or getting wasted at the weekends.

You can change it!

You can discover a way how to make money and especially how to make money online in 2014.

I believe in you just take action.

To Your Success


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