Is My Top Tier Business Legit And Can You Make Money From It?

I get asked this question regularly “Is My Top Tier Business Legit?”

Well I believe it is one of the the most legit companies out there. It is promoted by some of the top marketers who

Won’t get on board with rubbish and there are tons of testimonials, not just from Gurus but everyday people too who are using mttb to change thier lives.

Look at a review here and watch the testimonials.

Secondly can you make money from it? Again I know you can….

Watch the video below to see how long it took me to make any money from it.


Would You Stick It For 6 Months?

So it took me 6 months to start making anything from this but the question is would you last the course….

It may happen quicker for you


It could take a lot longer

That all depends on factors like:

  • Do you have an email list that you nurture
  • Do you have a marketing budget or are you prepared to put the time in if you don’t
  • Do you have a big enough WHY (the reason your doing this)
  • Do you have a mentor

If you have all these things in place then you will probably start to make money from MTTB a lot quicker than most

Stay Away From The Haters

No matter what you market there will be people that are in the company or used to be and didn’t make it work and so decide to scream from the rooftops how rubbish the company is

I challenge you to ask these people how much work they put into it

More than likely you’ll hear something like…..

“Well I done 1 solo ad”

“I asked my mentor to do the work for me and he stopped answering my emails 🙂 ”

“I done 1 Facebook ad and just lost money”

Well if you put little effort into anything in your life you can’t expect big results


Hit The Snowball Effect


If you keep at this and let go of all the excuses you’ll hit the snowball effect

Then sales and big commissions will start coming to you regularly and growing and growing…..

In Napolean Hill’s book “Think And Grow Rich” he says

When riches come to you they come in such huge floods that you ask yourself where they have been hiding all your life. (Or something like that 🙂 )

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post on “Is My Top Tier Business Legit and Can I Make Money From it”.

If you have have any comments please leave them in the box below.

Stick with it…You’ll be glad you did.

To your success




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