Lara With Me Review – Is Lara With Me Scam Or Legit?

Lara With Me Review


Lara With Me is one of the latest network marketing company that has been getting a lot of attention online, especially on popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

With all this hype, there is a good chance that someone has approached you and asked you to join the network. Well, before you decide whether or not to join the team, here is an unbiased Lara With Me Review from a third party individual. Read on to find out what you need to know.

Lara With Me

Lara With Me Review – About The Company

Lara With Me is another MLM company that decided not to disclose any background information about who owns or runs the company.

If you have been following the world of network marketing, you might have noticed that this trend is becoming a common thing. Hiding such important information to the general public is something that pyramid schemes do to cover their tracks. It’s not wise to make any assumption this early, but this lack of information about who owns the business has never brought anything good.

The actual domain name for this company was registered on June 2nd 2016. Unfortunately, the domain registration is set to private making it difficult to see where the registration took place. This is just another act of a Ponzi scheme company trying to cover its tracks.

MLM business opportunities always expect members to pay a certain amount of money if they want to participate in their compensation plan. This is fine, the problem is you don’t know who is receiving this money and therefore you cannot hold anyone responsible if something happens.

There is some sort of promotional video that you can access on their official website, however the video is entirely in Russian. What’s more, the Alex ratings of all the traffic that their website receives originate from Russia.

When you put all this information together you can strongly say that Lara With Me is operating somewhere out of Russia, but that is unfortunately as precise as we are able to find. We are entirely not able to find any faces or names in relation to the company, and we can’t tell exactly where the company is situated in Russia.

With all of this in mind, it’s highly advisable that you think long and hard before you decide to join this company. With no any real information about who owns the business and where it’s located, there is no way of knowing who is accountable for all the money that is being invested here, and that is not a good sign at all.

Lara With Me – The Product Line

In addition to the lack of background information, Lara With Me doesn’t have any real products. Choosing not to have any product line makes it easier to launch a company in the network marketing industry, but it also creates a pretty bad situation.

The main advantage of having a product line is that it allows retail sales to take place. In addition, when products are sold to real customers, the company earns some money. When there is no any product to sell, that source of income is no longer there.

MLM companies that lack product line always depend on investments that are being made by their affiliates to run the company. This means that if the business fails to recruit new members for a while, it will collapse and people will lose their money.

You see, when a company promises to pay its affiliate commissions or Return on Investments (ROIs), that money has to come from somewhere. So, if the company doesn’t have any products or services to sell, the only cash they have available to pay out these commissions or ROIs is the one that comes from investments made by their affiliates.

The truth is when a company uses these funds to pay off commissions or ROIs that they owe to existing affiliates; they begin to operate as a Ponzi scheme.

Lara With Me Review

Lara With Me – The Compensation Plan


When it comes to the compensation plan, affiliates that take part in Lara With Me compensation plan are promised 3% daily return on investments that they make.

The company offers investments that suit a range of budgets. The available investments include:

· $10

· $50

· $100

· $250

· $500

· $1000

· $2000

· $3000

· $5000

· $10,000

· $15,000

· $20,000

Along with these investments, affiliates can also receive commissions when they sponsor new people into the business. These referral funds are pooled from the investments made by other affiliates, and they are paid out both directly and residually.

The direct commission is paid out at 10% of all the investments made by the affiliate that you recruited personally. The residual commission is paid out using a unilevel compensation plan. The levels that can be made by this system goes all the way to infinity, and the company pays its affiliate a commission of only 1% for all funds that are invested by affiliates within their respective group.

Cost To Join Lara With Me

If you are planning to join this company, you will be required to make an investment of $10, or as much as $50,000. The amount of money that you earn is directly proportional to the one that you invest.

Is Lara With Me A Scam?

Just like other MLM companies there are rumors about this business being a scam. After going through this review, you might be asking yourself the same. So, is Lara With Me a legit business or a scam? The truth is Lara With Me is not entirely a scam. However, there are some few things that you need to be weary of.

Lara With Me Scam


Lara With Me promises to pay its affiliate a daily return on investment of 3%. This seems like the deal of a lifetime that is too good to be true. The truth is whenever you hear a company that offers such a great deal, think twice before joining.

In addition, there is the issue of who owns or runs the company. It is always important to have some background information about the people that owns or runs a business. What’s worse, the location of the company is also unknown. That being said, it’s better to wait and see how the company will perform before you decide to invest your money.

For now if i was you I would steer clear and see what the future holds.

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Lara With Me Review



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