Javita Coffee Review – Javita Coffee Pyramid Scheme Or Scam?

Javita Coffee Review


If you are a coffee fan, chances are that you have been approached to join Javita Coffee business opportunity. A lot of younger people are talking about Javita on social media network and trying to sponsor people into the business. Before you decide to join others and become a part of the team, you owe it to yourself to know everything there is about Javita Coffee. Here is an honest Javita Coffee Review to help you get started.

Javita Coffee

Javita Coffee Review – The Company

Javita is a “spin off” from another company called Waiora. Waiora is a company that was created in 2004 to sell and promote healthy living products.

Javita is a direct selling company that offers people an opportunity to start their own home based business by becoming an independent distributor. The company specializes in the sale and distribution of its own brand of coffee.

The CEO and President of Javita is Stan Cherelestein. The same guy is also the CEO of Waiora. The man has a great reputation of over 11 years in the network marketing industry. So, where is Javita headquartered? Well, according to the company’s official website, Javita main offices are based in Bo Raton, Florida, US.

The business is available in the US, Australia and several other places. In general, it is an international business. Another important thing that you should note is that the business appears to be legit.

Javita Coffee Review – The Product Line

Just as the name suggests, the company’s main product is coffee. But to be specific, coffee that has an exceptional combination of healthy herbs which are ideal for losing weight. That is why the coffee is always referred to as “weight loss coffee”.

Here is a look at the specific Javita Coffee products. In general, there are five products and they include:

Energy + Mind– This type of coffee includes Gota Kola and Bacopa Monnieri. In addition, green tea is also infused in it. The advantage of this coffee is that it helps with concentration.

Herbal Cleanse Tea – Herbal Cleanse Tea is said to be highly effective when it comes digestion problems. It consists of Fennel and Candle Bush.

FocusFusion Cocoa– FocusFusion is a European type of cocoa. Since it consists of Gota Kola and Bocopa Monnieri, it is highly recommended for the brain.

Burn + Control – If you have weight loss problems this coffee can help you to burn some calories and eventually lose some few pounds. In addition, it can act as hunger suppressant, making you feel full for long. It is paired with Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate.

Lean + Green – This is basically a Japanese green tea type of drink. Interestingly, this type of Javita coffee can help you with fat absorption so it also helps with weight loss.

Javita Coffee Review

Javita Coffee Review – The Business Opportunity

Just like other types of direct selling companies, there are two ways to make money. You can sell the company’s products to real customers out there and earn money or sell the business opportunity. Truth be told, many people make their money by sponsoring people into the business and only a few people earn their money by selling the company’s products to real customers.

Javita Coffee Review – The Compensation Plan

The company uses a unilevel compensation structure to pay its distributors. The system works by placing one distributor at the top of a team. All the distributors that he or she sponsors personally into the business are placed directly under him or her (level 1).

Distributors recruited by members from level 1 are placed directly under them (level 2). In the same way, distributors sponsored by members from level 2 are placed directly under them (level3) and so on and so forth.

In addition to the unilevel compensation plan, Javita also pays out direct commissions to its distributors. This type of commission is paid on the company’s products.

There is also a variety of other bonuses including star bonus, star elite rank bonus, rank advancement matching bonus, and car bonus.

Is Javita A Pyramid Scheme Or Scam?

Many people think that all MLM business opportunities are nothing more than a pyramid scheme or a scam aimed at recruiting as many people as possible and take advantage of them because they are desperate to make easy money.

These are folks who are skeptical, and you can’t blame them. Sometimes these business opportunities turn out to be nothing more but pyramid schemes and scams. So, is Javita Coffee legit or a scam? To be honest, irrespective of all the lawsuits or complaints that you will find on the web about Javita, it is not a scam.

The only problem is that they offer a somewhat complicated compensation plan but very lucrative. The only way to earn some great amount of money is by recruiting people. Many people don’t like this idea and that’s why they quit and starting saying that the company is a scam.

Javita Coffee Scam

Is It A Good Idea To Join Javita?

If you think that you have strong marketing and lead generation skills, there is no reason as to why you should not join the team. You may hear people saying that some of the products have side effects and health risks, but the truth is you cannot find a product that satisfies everyone.

To join there are various options which range from $99 to $999


Javita appears to be a legitimate business, but the training provided is poor and out of date which produces about 98% failure rate. If you want to join the company, make sure that you know how to generate leads and have some vital marketing skills. The best way to earn money is to encourage as many people as you can to join you and do what you do.

In addition, if you are really a big fan of coffee and weight loss, then Javita is certainly a good business idea for you. If your main agenda is to make some extra cash, then you must be good at recruiting people starting with your friends and family members. Network marketing money is really sluggish, but it can be achieved. However, if you feel like this is not your thing, then it is highly recommended that you find another way to earn some extra cash.

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Javita Coffee Review



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