Reverse Commissions Review – Is Reverse Commissions Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Reverse Commissions Review


Reverse Commissions is a new network marketing business opportunity that has got a lot of hype recently. You might have seen people trying to promote this company on the internet, especially on social media networks. In this post we are going to look at what exactly is Reverse Commissions? What products do they offer, their compensation plan, what it costs to join the plan and whether or not the business is a pyramid scheme or scam.

Reverse Commissions Review

Reverse Commissions Review – About the Company

There is not enough information about the person(s) that runs or owns Reverse Commissions. The company’s domain name “” was registered on 11th October, 2015 and set to private.

The official Facebook page of Reverse Commissions has two admins, Dale Payne Sizer and Calvin Harvey. According to this Facebook page, these are the brains that are believed to be behind Reverse Commissions.

Dale Payne Sizer has a history in the network marketing industry. He was once the CEO of the Infinity Profit System cash gifting scheme. This company was launched in late 2015 and Alexa rankings suggest that their recruitment hiked in mid-February this year (2016) and then went into decline.

It is believed that the failure of Infinity Profit System is what promted Dale to start Reverse Commissions. On the other hand, his co-founder Calvin Harvey was an Infinity Profit System affiliate. There is a high probability that he is one of the folks who actually made real money with Infinity Profit System and he is expecting to do the same with Reverse Commissions.

Reverse Commissions Review – The Product Line

Reverse Commissions does not offer any products or services to promote or sell to retail customers. The sole responsibility of the company’s affiliates is to promote its membership. When you become an affiliate you can reward the person who sponsored you into the business with as little as $25 and as high as $500.

Reverse Commissions Review – The Compensation Plan


The Reverse Commissions compensation structure sees affiliates gift $25 to $500 to each other through a 1-up plan, paid out through a unilevel compensation system.

A unilevel compensation system places you at the top of a unilevel group, and every member that you sponsor personally into the business is placed directly beneath you (level 1).

When a member from level 1 sponsors new people into the business, they are placed directly beneath them (level 2). Conversely, if a member from level 2 recruits new people to the business; they are placed directly under them (level 3) and so on and so forth.

A Reverse Commission affiliate signs up and then decides what tier he or she wishes to buy. In general, there are four tiers to choose from; $25, $100, $250 and $500. The advantage of purchasing in at a higher tier is that it gives a chance to earn on all tiers under it. For instance, the $500 tier gives you an opportunity to earn on all the four tiers.

Note if you become a Reverse Commissions affiliate and buy in at a tier that is below $500, you will be required to pay a certain amount to upgrade to a higher tier. This can cost you up to $875 if you choose to upgrade one tier at time.

The fee that a newly sponsored affiliate pays is paid directly to the person that sponsored him or her into the business. The second recruited affiliate’s fee is paid to the recruiting affiliates up line (the recruiting affiliate gets nothing).

The third recruited affiliate’s fee is paid to the recruiting affiliate. The next (forth) recruited affiliate’s fee is passed up. The fifth and all the subsequent recruited affiliate’s fees are kept by the recruiting affiliate.

Note that a Reverse Commissions affiliate must be qualified at the tier a newly recruited affiliate is buying in at. You can achieve this by upgrading to a higher tie after signing up or paying a certain fee when signing up.

If you are not qualified to earn the commissions on a given tier, you will earn only the commissions that you are qualified to earn. What’s left will be passed to the person that sponsored you into the business.

For example, if you buy in at the $250 level and sponsored a $500 level affiliate. You will earn the $250 and the rest of the money will be passed on to your immediate up line.

Reverse Commissions Pyramid Scheme

Cost To Join Reverse Commissions

The company’s affiliate membership costs $25 to $875.

Is Reverse Commissions Pyramid Scheme Or A Scam?

The business presents itself as cash gifting and a pyramid scheme company. As mentioned earlier, Reverse Commissions does not offer any real products to promote or sell to retail customers. This means that it depends solely on the membership fee to pay its affiliate and run the business. This is what makes it a pyramid scheme.

The cash gifting side is presented by the way the affiliates receives all the money paid in by the affiliates that they sponsor into the business. In general, newly sponsored affiliates pay fees directly to the person that sponsored them into the business.

The problem with this type of business is that if it goes for a while without recruiting new members it will collapse. This means that the business will not have enough money to pay its existing affiliates. So, any individual who will not have earned the amount that he or she invested into the business will incur a loss.

So, is Reverse Commissions a legit or a scam business? To be honest, the company is not completely a scam but it is very important to be aware of what to expect before you decide to join.

Reverse Commissions


This type of business is usually launched to profit the owners. Reverse Commissions pays its affiliate using a unilevel compensation structure. Calvin Harvey and Dale Payne Sizer sit at the top of the business’s wide unilevel team. Through one or several preloaded positions, these two guys are the ones that will receive the majority of pass-ups from the rest of the affiliates below them. This is exactly what happened in Infinity Profit System and there is a good chance that the same will happen with Reverse Commissions. So, it is in your best interest that you consider all these facts before joining the business.

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Reverse Commissions Review



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