Wake Up Now Review – Is Wake Up Now Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Wake Up Now Review


[Wake Up Now Out Of Business]


In case you are a newbie in home based businesses and online marketing, there are several online business opportunities that you can invest in and become successful. Unfortunately, many of these businesses can be pyramid schemes or scams. In this post we are going to look at Wake Up Now MLM Company and determine if it’s legit or a scam.

Wake Up Now

Wake Up Now Review- Information about the Company

Wake UP Now Company was launched in 2009 by Troy Muhlestein. The headquarters of this business is situated in Provo, Utah. Utah is home to many network marketing businesses, some folks even think of it as the MLM capital city of the world.

Troy has a commendable reputation when it comes to business management; however Wake Up Now was a challenge to him. The business has been operating at a loss since it was launched.

It is true that network marketing businesses do that purposely at times to avoid paying extra taxes’ however financial stability is one of the vital things that people consider before joining any business.

Why should you invest your money in a business that doesn’t make any profits? Financial security of a business is very vital, and Wake Up Now fails this test.

Wake Up Now Review – The Product Line

When it comes to products, Wake Up Now has some very interesting product line. Their products are mostly non tangible (virtual) which is okay as long as they have something to offer otherwise they would be considered to be a Ponzi scheme.

They offer their affiliates with a travel discount program that allows them to save on time-shares, condos and more. It also includes an iPhone App that tracks your mileage by GPS so you can write it off for business use.

Their product line also includes cyber identity protection, corporate discounts at AT&T, the choice of 3 magazines, grocery coupons and more.

So, how much do you need to get started with Wake Up Now?

You will be required to pay a fee of $99+ ever month to get access to these products. However, it’s not guaranteed that you will get the full value from all these products. Why?

The answer is simple; there are several places where you can get travel and lodging discounts on the web for as little as $99 per year membership. You can also purchase identity theft protection for as little as $20 per month at the high end and magazines and grocery coupons.

The GPS App alone goes for $20 per month. This amount seems to be too high for just a GPS App. If you need to GPS track your car mileage, you can just write down your mileage for book keeping and sign it off for free.

Wake Up Now – The Compensation Plan


It looks like Wake Up Now is using a unilevel compensation structure to pay its affiliates, which is great. Their official website doesn’t say anything about compression, but overall their compensation plan looks decent.

This business’s whole thing is find three $100 customers and your membership is free. The company doesn’t list any residual percentages in their website, but there is a chart that outlines what your residual override would be based on your team’s volume.

It looks like you won’t get paid more money (commission) until you reach a certain level within the company. It is also wise to note that the residual override relies completely on the percentage of the volume that your group generates from a certain number of legs. It is not clear if this only limits the residual or eliminates it completely.

The business has an amazing perk for the very top of their compensation plan. When you are at the top level you can earn up to two hours per month towards use of the company jet! That’s amazing.

This is what people refer to as the “baller” status. In order to get to this level, you need a total volume of 240,000 (that would be 2,400 people at $100/month).

At that level, you would be earning $25,000 per month. You must have some serious skills in sales and marketing to make this amount per month.

Wake Up Now Pyramid Scheme

Is Wake Up Now Pyramid Scheme Or A Scam?


Every time a new marketing business opportunity is launched there will always be rumors about it being a pyramid scheme or a scam. So, is Wake Up Now a legitimate business or a is it a scam? Wake Up Now offers virtual products, the keyword here is “virtual” but they are still products. So, to be honest, it is not a scam as it gives people legitimate products for their money, and the business’s affiliates can actually make some good money if they stay within the parameters of the company’s compensation plan.

Another thing to note is that the business offers real information about the person who owns it. If it was a scam, chances are that this information will be hidden to the general public to cover their tracks. By the fact that this information is available, it means you know who to blame if things go wrong.

Another interesting thing to note about this business is that it offers exceptional products in the network marketing industry. The only problem is that these products can be found elsewhere on the web at a cheaper price.



So, is Wake Up Now worth your money? As mentioned earlier the business has been operating at a loss since it was launched. The product value isn’t quite there, and their compensation structure has some few holes in it that many affiliates may find themselves not getting paid what they were promised.

Another problem is that most of their product can be found in other places online at an affordable price. What’s more, the company doesn’t disclose the amount of money that its affiliates earn.

Like any other network marketing business out there, the only way to be successful and become a top earner is to recruit as many people as you can. You also need to work on your sales and marketing skills if you want to be successful. If you want to join this network marketing business opportunity it is safe to do so, but make sure that your marketing skills are top notch.

This is where it is important to learn attraction marketing or be guided on how you can become the pursued rather than the pursuer

Wake Up Now Review[So unfortunately Wake Up Now Did Not Make It And Went Out Of Business]

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Wake Up Now Review



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