SeneGence International Review – Is SeneGence Pyramid Scheme Or Scam?

SeneGence International Review


There has been a lot of hype about SeneGence International and if the products that it produces really do what they claim to do. Many people are also wondering if SeneGence is a legit business or another scam. Here is a complete unbiased SeneGence International Review to help you gather all the vital information before you decide to join the business.

SeneGence International

SeneGence International Review – About the Company

SeneGence International is a direct selling company founded in 1999 by Joni Rae Rogers-Kante. The company is based out of Irvine, California and specializes on beauty and fashion products. The main goal of this business is to empower women all over the planet with a profession that really works using products that really works.

SeneGence International Review – The Product Line

SeneGence offers a range of products including body care products, skin care and anti-aging products. Today, SeneGence distributes its products in a wide array of countries through the company website and a network of individual distributors. The wide variety of products offered by SeneGence makes it possible for anyone to build a complete skin care and beauty kit that is modified to their specific needs.

How SeneGence International Works

In order to start making money you will be required to join the company as a distributor. Once you place a product order you will become an active distributor. When you place an order of 300 Personal Volume products or more you will become a qualified distributor.

SeneGence International Review

SeneGence International Review – The Compensation Plan

Sales income: This is one of the easiest ways to earn cash from SeneGence. You purchase the products at a wholesale price (discounted price) and sell them at the normal retail price. The amount of discount that you receive is directly proportional to your product volume. You can make up to 50 percent profit on sales income.

Downline commission: You can generate 5% to 30% on the sales of your downline, up to the fifth level. In order to earn this cash, you need to meet certain conditions such as a minimum product volume.

Group sales volume: You can also receive a bonus from your group sales volume if you meet certain conditions in the compensation plan. The amount of money that you can earn ranges from 2% to 10% on your group sales volume, up to level five.

How Much Does It Cost To Join SeneGence?

In order to became a distributor you will have to pay the membership fee and spend at least $50 on the distributor kit. The distributor kit contains training CD and DVD, printed materials and a handbook.

When it comes to the distributor kit, there are two options to choose from; you can purchase the Glamour Demo Kit which is worth $1,145 and costs just $295 or chose to purchase the Lips Kit, which is worth $290 and costs just $95. If you would like to know what these kits entail it is advisable that you visit the company’s official website.

How Much Money Can I Earn With SeneGence International?

Just like any other network marketing business opportunity out there, you earn money when you sponsor people into the business and sell the company’s products. The more people you sponsor the more money you will earn. Do not expect to receive a fixed monthly income once you join this business.

SeneGence International Scam

Is Senegence International Scam?

Senegence was founded in 1999 and it has been in business since then. The company offers a wide variety of products and sells its products to many countries across the world. To be honest, SeneGence is a legit business and it may be the most ideal business opportunity for you to earn some extra cash.


As mentioned earlier, your earnings depend on the amount of products that you sell and the number of people that you sponsor into the business.

This means that you need to have strong marketing skills to succeed in this business. The company seems to be legit and if anyone says anything different, ask them to provide proof of the company being a scam. The only challenge here is that there are no fixed incomes; this means that you have to work really hard in order to earn money.

The best thing to do is to find other sources of income to supplement your earnings from Senegence. If you feel that you have what it takes to make enough money with SeneGence, go for it.

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SeneGence International Review



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