Telling Your Story

How you can make huge profits from being yourself and telling your story?

The truth is people buy from people they know like and trust. People do not buy products they buy from you if they can relate to you.

Be Yourself Mummy Said…..

So you hear it all the time probably more so if you were a little boy but sure the same applies across the board

“Always be yourself (insert name)…….”

Well that couldn’t be truer in the virtual internet world.

It seems everyone wants to be perceived as the guru the great teacher that will take
all their customers from the position that they’re in to making …(insert amount) in six months as long as they join the opportunity their promoting.

Well how often do you think that will work and if so how long do you think that relationship will

In this virtual world you have to assume initially people don’t trust you till they hear more about
what you have to say and maybe see a picture or video about you…

Build A Relationship

One of the things I learned from marketing online is that building a relationship
with your readers and followers is important

Putting your true self, your real personality walts and all on the line makes people really relate
to you and especially when they start to see that you have bad days too your not some
computer geek that has a PHD in making money online but just a regular person

It took a while for me to internalise this because when I was younger I suffered badly
from a disease known as Sickle Cell Anaemia and was told by Doctor’s that I’d be lucky to
see my 31st birthday well I’m now 44 and still goig strong

But the point i was trying to make was that I was ashamed to share this with readers for years
and it wasn’t till one day I read a message from my mentor that I started to just be myself
and let the chips fall where they may and…..


people started to really connect to me and see me as human an everyday guy and even better
they started to think well if he can do it so can I with a little guidance.

Your Story Matters

So I urge you to take some time and write down truefully who you really are what are your likes and dislikes what are your favourite movies (If you say Scarface we can be friends :)) what are your pet hates (able single people who park in disabled /mother and baby bays 🙁 )?

Your readers and your list will want to know this and if they don’t they’ll unsubscribe but believe me you didn’t want them on your list anyway because no personal connection means no common ground.

Trying to work with people you don’t connect with is a recipe for loads of headache and stress. Best avoided if you can.

So Tell Your Story

By telling your story you build up the KLT- Know, Like and Trust factor and then your customers will buy on your recommendation because they know you and trust your judgement.

So start wearing your heart on your sleeve and see the difference that makes…..

To Your Success


P.S. Take the time to write down and tell your story include both positive and negative and when ever you get the chance put your personality on the line.



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