Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Review – Is Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle A Scam?

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Review


The Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is a top new internet marketing program that teaches you exactly how to get started designing your own self-driven online business. If you’ve dreamed of being your own boss, this program is for you.

If you’re serious about living the life that you dream while still making money, this program can help. It will require some initial work and learning, but once you get the hang of it, Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle proves to be a seriously powerful investment.

ultimate dot com lifestyle

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle 

The basic format for Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is that you follow a tiered business structure to learn how to market products supplied through the program. The program has basically 21 steps, as well as a sales team and a one on one coach that helps you close better sales and get great results fast.

There are a number of different products in this program.

They include the Top Tier Business plan, MLR, Titanium and Inner Circle Membership, and also Diamond Membership.

Other products include the IM Revolution, Instant Info Product, Traffic Masters Academy, and Email Marketing Empire. Each of these products contains a unique aspect of marketing that will help you advance your business setup.

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Reviews

This program has two basic ideas behind it: first to train you to become a profitable affiliate, and then to help you set up your automated pricing structure and website area so you can automatically earn without having to do anything at all. The training plan is very comprehensive, offering a seven step program that walks you through every step of building your online business.

The training program begins with how to make six figures in the first year, and then includes a second video session explaining the main ingredients of marketing that most people miss.

Thirdly, you learn how to unlock your millionaire mindset and as the fourth part, you’ll learn the difference between a profitable businesses and those that fail. The fifth step shows you what’s more lucrative than franchises, while the sixth shows you how to license and build a profitable online business.

For the seventh step you learn how to get top level expert support. So any time you feel stuck or like you need help along the way, the program gives you the next “stepping stone” to help you quickly get back on track to building your business.

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Payout Structure

The basic payout structure for this program is paid using a two tier structure, where you get commissions every time you sign someone up for your downline and additional commissions when an affiliate of yours makes a sale. You can sponsor as many people as you want, making this program potentially very profitable.

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Scam

Some users have called Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle a Scam because of the way the payout structure works and the fact that it seems “too easy” to automatically start building an online business.

Unfortunately, these folks give the program a bad rap because they don’t know how to actually use it, resulting in a lot of bad press surrounding the product. However, the program is not a scam at all, as many users have proven with their continued ability to quickly build six figure businesses that essentially run themselves.

ultimate dot com lifestyle scam

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Training and Marketing

In addition to learning how to set up your business for success, Jon Chow (who developed and launched the program) will walk you through step by step how to market your products for success.

In essence, you will be teaching other people how to build a business as well. By using online info products, you’re able to share your knowledge and expertise and actually help people while still gaining huge amounts of income each month.

The product pays for itself in a couple of commissions, and before you know it, you’re managing to quickly bring in thousands of dollars every year.

Personal Coaching and Help

The great thing about Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is that you get personal coaching which teaches you how to train other people as well, this gives you high ticket earning potential. Since you can also learn the MLM structure and use that to your benefit, you’ll be able to train other affiliates who can then go out and start promoting products for you.

Additional Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Products

There are more products in this program that offer 90 percent commissions or greater.

These include the MOBE Elite Earners, Affiliate Bonus Domination, and Inner Circle Membership — some of which go for up to $97 per month. Other high earning products include the IM Revolution Handbook, OPT Formula, and Done For You Emails.

Email Marketing Pre-Written and Created 

The emails that are included within this program are already written and ready to launch — you just need to tweak them to be in line with your unique selling proposition. This means that instead of having to go out and hire someone to write emails for you, or take hours writing them yourself, you’ll quickly be able to send an email to your list and gain leads faster than with other programs.

Whats Needed to Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle  Work

The main trick behind mastering this program is finding individuals to buy your products and grow your downline.

While this might seem daunting at first, the good news is that it’s actually not that hard. Once you get all your emails, videos, and websites set up, the process of quickly growing your leads list becomes practically automatic.

All you really have to do manually is begin the initial setup, with the rest of the product quickly becoming automated as you learn advanced marketing tactics that help you recruit new members.

ultimate dot com lifestyle review


Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is a highly reputable internet marketing and training product that also includes a “done for you” website and mailing list setup so you can quickly build a business online.

Unlike a number of other programs, this one allows you to simply set up your site structure and start earning overnight. You don’t need to have a ton of experience before going in to the program; you just need to be willing to put in the time to learn the pricing structure and gain experience through your coaching sessions.

I hope you enjoyed this Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Review to see what programme I actually am presently promoting..Read on

Great Company But What Do You Promote Manny?

So I fully recommend this opportunity which you can access below. I have gone right through the whole system with a fine tooth comb and think it is one of the better opportunities out there which is why I now personally endorse it.

I have been marketing it for just a short while and am already making thousands of dollars using it and I know that this works for absolute newbies as you will see if you click the image below.

Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Review



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