Skinny Body Care Review – Is Skinny Body Care Scam?

Skinny Body Care Review


Skinny Body Care offers an earning opportunity that involves the sale of various beauty products. It is a well-established company, having started in 2011, and is run by its founder Ben Glinsky who has been a member of various MLM companies over the years including ‘MyWorldPlus’, ‘ProWealthSolutions’ and ‘Home Wealth University’.

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Skinny Body Care Products

Skinny Body Care offers six beauty products available for affiliates to sell to retail customers. They are:

  1. Skinny Fiber – A weight management product that is made from a range of ingredients designed to put your body into ‘weight management mode’
  2. Skinny Body Max – A more intensive version of the flagship Skinny Fiber product
  3. HiBurn8 – This product is designed to help manage your weight while you are asleep
  4. E3 – A product designed to increase your energy levels by offering a mixture of Vitamins, Nutrients, Herbs and Electrolytes.
  5. Instant Youth – An anti aging product
  6. Ageless – This is described as an ‘all natural formula that is like a nutrient-rich super-food for your skin’.

Customers are only able to see the pricing of these products from the website when they have an affiliate referral code to enter, however there is a promotional video that prices the RRP as being $79.95.

How to Earn with Skinny Body Care


Skinny Body Care offers eight different ways in which an affiliate can earn. There is a big focus on the recruitment of new affiliates and first product orders. Each affiliate has to hit certain targets to achieve an affiliate rank, which determines how much you earn. This works as follows;

  • Two stats are tracked, your PV (the ‘Personal Volume’ of sales that you, yourself, are selling per month) and your GV (the ‘Group Volume’ of sales that your entire downline are selling per month. Your downline is made up of all the new affiliates you and anyone already in your downline have recruited into the company).
  • The sale of one Skinny Body Care will generate 50 PV (or GV).
  • To be eligible to receive any commissions, an affiliate is required to generate at least 50 PV per month.
  • There are eight different ranks that affiliates are categorized into. These are determined by your GV and are as follows:
  • Affiliate Rank – Achieved when you become an affiliate member of Skinny Body Care
  • Bronze Rank – You are required to have introduced 3 new affiliates into the company, each of which must generate at least 50 GV per month
  • Silver Rank – Your monthly downline exceeds 600 GV per month
  • Gold Rank – Your monthly downline exceeds 2000 GV per month
  • Platinum Rank – Your monthly downline exceeds 10,000 GV per month
  • Diamond Rank – Your monthly downline exceeds 50,000 GV per month
  • Crown Diamond Rank – Your monthly downline exceeds 250,000 GV per month
  • Royal Crown Diamond Rank – Your monthly downline exceeds 1,000,000 GV per month

The eight ways in which a Skinny Body Care affiliate is able to earn are as follows:

  1. Fast Start Enroller Bonus – This is paid out upon the first order that is made by each unique customer of affiliate that you have recruited. With this bonus you will receive 40% of the commissionable volume that is generated by that first order.
  2. Monthly Enroller Bonus – This is an extra 10% bonus that is paid out on all subsequent orders made by customers and personally recruited affiliates (from the second sale onwards).
  3. Fast Start Commissions – Affiliates are able to earn between 2% and 10% commission of sales made within their downline. The exact level of commission that is payable depends on your affiliate rank.
  4. Residual Commission – In the same way as the Fast Start commission, the Residual commission adds another payment of up to 10% of sales made within your downline. The levels of payments are determined by your affiliate rank.
  5. Generation Bonus – This is a commission bonus that is paid out to those who have achieved a Platinum rank or higher. Through this bonus, affiliates are able to earn an extra 2% commission on sales.
  6. Infinity Matching Bonus – This gives affiliates who have achieved Bronze rank or higher an extra 1% to 20% bonus based on commissions paid out to affiliates within their downline.
  7. Gold Pool – 5% of company wide sales volumes are placed into the Gold Pool. This is shared out between all affiliates who have recruited at least five new affiliates. To be eligible for the Gold Pool’s monthly payouts, each of these five affiliates must have made at least one purchase in that month.
  8. Rank Achievement Bonus – Reaching certain affiliate ranks will earn you a bonus. When you reach Gold you will earn $250, for Platinum you earn $1000, Diamond will earn you $5000, Crown Diamond earns $25,000 and upon reaching the Royal Crown Diamond rank you will earn $100,000.

skinny body care review

How to Join Skinny Body Care


Joining Skinny Body Care costs $10 as well as the purchase of some of their products. The total price to join, therefore, ranges between $69.95 and $369.70 depending on the product package you choose.



Having started in 2011 and still going strong, Skinny Body Care is clearly a relatively stable MLM opportunity.

If you believe you would be able to sell a decent volume of weight loss products as well as recruiting new people into the scheme, then it is possible you could do rather well through what they are offering.

The reason many MLM companies fail is the lack of products being sold to generate enough income to sustain the promised payouts to the affiliate members, but this is not the case with Skinny Body Care. Affiliates are required to maintain a constant level of sales through their downline and this ensures the payouts can continue.

That is, of course, assuming that sales are actually being made to retail customers, and not just to other affiliates.

The fact that affiliates are required to purchase a certain amount per month is a slight concern, because this could indicate a ‘pay-to-play’ model that is being used to sustain commission payments to others. If these are the only sales of products being made, then the Skinny Body Care plan would be a chain recruitment scheme which is not sustainable in the long term.

If you are thinking of signing up to Skinny Body Care it would be wise to ask the affiliate who is recruiting you to get an idea of their sales numbers, and compare the retail sales with affiliate sales. You could also ask to see their last few months of Fast Start Enroller Bonus’ to see whether this has been earned primarily from sales to retail customers of other affiliates.

What you would want to see from a sustainable model is a slight bias towards retail sales.

Overall, Skinny Body Care appears to be offering a healthy opportunity. It is operating in a niche market and doesn’t over complicate with too many products, and has a decent compensation plan in place.

What this comes down to is whether you feel you would be able to sell large volumes of weight loss product and be able to encourage others to sign up. If this is an area that interests you, and you are able to see some numbers that confirm a decent number of retail sales, then this could be a viable opportunity to become a part of.

skinny body care scam

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