Usana Reviews – Is Usana Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Usana Reviews


Usana is one of the direct selling companies that have been getting a lot of hype lately, especially on social media network. In this post we are going to cut through the noise and get all the details about Usana. We are going to look at the company itself, their product line, compensation plan and what it takes to join. Then, we will find out if the company is legitimate or a pyramid scheme.

Usana Reviews

Usana Reviews – The Company

Usana is an MLM company that specializes in the health and wellness niche. According to the company’s official website, Usana is owned and managed by Dr. Myron Wentz. Dr. Wentz always believed that the world can be a better place (free of all types of diseases) if people could only take the right nutrition. Dr. Wentz also worked as a contagious disease expert and directed the microbiology and immunology laboratories for 3 hospitals in the Peoria area.

Dr. Wentz founded the Gull laboratories in 1974 and three years later, many of his diagnostic assays had gone viral and were approved by the FDA. In 1992, he decided to sell the Gull laboratories and launch Usana Health Science.

Usana Reviews – The Product Line

When it comes to MLM business, the product line is very vital. A direct selling company without a product line relies only on the membership charges to run the business and pay its employees. This means that the business can collapse any time due to lack of funds. The good news is Usana stands out as the best company in manufacturing quality health supplements.

Usana has a wide selection of products and it will not be wise to list all of them here. If you want to have a view at all the products that business offers, visit their official website.

In general, the business specializes in the following:

Nutritionals- This includes minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins. Nutritionals come in many different forms.

Diet and Energy- This category includes all the energy drinks, meal replacements and protein shakes.

Personal Care- Personal care entails all the skin care products, shampoos and any other beauty product.

Usana products are somewhat costly. This means that the products can only be purchased by few individuals who are comfortable with the prices. This is why you will always find Usana products on Amazon and eBay. Local distributors find it difficult to sell these products because they don’t have the buyers for them.

Usana products may appear to be expensive, however the company has really done a good job of designing products that passed all the tests of FDA and got approved.


Usana Reviews – The Compensation Plan


Like any other direct selling company out there, Usana dealers make their money by recruiting new people into the business and selling the company’s products. The binary compensation plan of Usana offers you an opportunity to become a top earner in MLM niche. Remember, the amount that you earn is directly proportional to the products that you sell to retail customers and the people that you recruit.

Retail Sales- Once you join the business and became an affiliate, you can purchase products at a discount and sell them to your customers at retail price. Usana provides its affiliates with an opportunity of earning 10% profit on selling their products at retail price. This is the easiest and the most recommended way to earn money.

Weekly Commissions- With Usana’s binary compensation plan, you build your own business by placing your team members on both right and left side of your organization. Here you have an opportunity of earning 20% commission on weekly volume sales in group on selling products to your customers who often make orders for such products. Anything over 5,000 points is carried over to the next week.

Lifetime Matching Bonus- If any member that you recruited into the business manages to become Premier Platinum PaceSetters, you will be entitled to a lifetime matching bonus of up to 15%. The amount that you will receive is directly proportional to your membership status. This type of bonus is paid only on weekly commissions.

Incentives – You have the opportunity of enjoying other benefits such as vacations, cars and many more. All you need to do is to recruit as many people as you can and build a strong team network under your charge.

Leadership Bonus- If you manage to secure a top position at Usana, you will have the opportunity of earning something extra from the profits generated by your team members. Usana usually set aside 3% of its sales commissions to divide it among top leaders and building new leaders to generate extra income. This bonus is usually paid on a weekly or quarterly basis.

Elite Bonus – This type of bonus is reserved for top level members whose teams have been able to earn maximum sales volumes every time without any interruptions or interference.

Is Usana Pyramid Scheme or A Scam?


Usana claims that its products are better and ideal than other less expensive vitamins but there isn’t any documented research or studies to support this claim. This brings the question whether or not the company is a scam.

Many people always refer to a company as a scam because they joined and didn’t succeed. What they forget is that you have to work hard, recruit new people and sell as many products as you can if you want to become a top earner. To be honest, Usana isn’t a pyramid scheme or a scam; it is a legitimate business with a wide variety of products to sell.

For you to succeed in any MLM business, you need to have the right skills and be exceptional at marketing. Do not join this business opportunity if you think it will make you rich overnight. You need to build yourself daily if you want to become a top earner.

Usana Pyramid Scheme


Usana is one of the top MLM companies that specialize in nutritional supplements, skin care products, and other products that are generated towards health and wellness. So, if you are interested in joining Usana, do not take everything you hear or read on the internet seriously otherwise you would lose your opportunity of earning some extra cash.

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