Global Platinum Services Review – Is Global Platinum Services Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Global Platinum Services Review


Global Platinum Services has been all over social media networks for the last past few weeks. Many people are caught unawares and are wondering whether or not to join the business. Here is everything that you need to know about this company.

Global Platinum Services

Global Platinum Services Review – Information about the Company

Like many other new MLM business opportunities, Global Platinum Services doesn’t disclose any real information about who owns or runs the business. In fact, their website doesn’t even say where the business is located. Hiding this information from the general public makes people to start to wonder if the company is legit or just another pyramid scheme. People need to know who is responsible with their money and whom they can blame if things go wrong.

However, when you look at the footer section of this company’s website, you will see two companies- PC Platinum Travel Inc. based in the United States and the MB Holidays LTD that is based in the United Kingdom.

MB Holidays LTD found here is actually known as Xstream MB Holidays and Jeremy Monte is believed to be the one and only Director for all the operations. Conversely, PC Platinum Travel is said to be located in Nevada, USA, but there is no real information available about the person(s) that runs or manages the business.

What is more interesting is that Jeremy Monte, PC Platinum Travel and Xstream MB Holidays are all victims of a lawsuit that was filled by Paycation, a company owned and managed by Mr. David Manning. Mr. Manning claims that Monte has been stealing data and information from Paycation to build up Global Platinum Services.

Monte was an affiliate of Paycation before he decided to start his own business (Global Platinum Services). Paycation might have filed a lawsuit against Global Platinum Services, but the request is still pending in court. This means that Global Platinum Services can still continue with its operation until stated otherwise by the court.

Unfortunately, that is all the information that is available about this lawsuit. It is clear that something isn’t right about this business opportunity.

Global Platinum Services Review – The Product Line


It is wise to note that Global Platinum Services is a network marketing company that specializes in the travel niche. Travel is one area that many people enter but only a few succeed.

The business sells subscriptions packages that grant customers access to online travel booking engine that’s owned and managed by International Vacations.

According to the company’s official website, International Vacations is a 37 year old IATAN, ARC, and CLIA approved host agency that specializes in wholesale travel. So, customers usually pay a certain amount of money every month and add some little extra money when they want to go for a vacation.

Currently, there are two packages that one can purchase, and they include:

GPS My Deals App- This Plan costs $24.95 upfront followed by monthly subscriptions fee of $19.95

GPS Travel Club- This Plan costs $29.95 upfront followed by monthly subscriptions fee of $24.95

Global Platinum Services Review

Global Platinum Services Review – The Compensation Plan


Just like any other MLM company, you earn commission when you recruit new people into the business and sell the company’s products. The higher your position in the company the more money you earn. Currently, there are 14 levels that affiliates can work towards and the only way to rise to a higher rank is to recruit as many people as you can to the business.

Travel Commissions

Travel commission is an equivalent of retail sales commission. As a Global Platinum Services affiliate, you can earn travel commission of up to 70%. In general, you will be required to encourage many people to join the monthly subscription package and purchase a vacation plan through it if you want to gain access to the online booking service.

Recruitment Commissions

When it comes to the recruitment commissions, Global Platinum Services affiliates are entitled to a direct compensation every time they sponsor new people to the business. Sponsoring new people into the business will enable you to earn a commission of $70, and sponsoring an individual that is a Global Platinum Services plus Agent affiliate will see your affiliate commission rise to $80.

However, in order for you to earn the $80 affiliate commission for the recruitment of a Global Platinum Services plus Agent, you will have to make sure that you yourself are also a Global Platinum Service plus Agent. The company also pays out a direct residual commission at a rate of $10. The commission is paid out through two levels of recruitment that is done by affiliates in your downline.

The Cost to Join Global Platinum Services


If you are interested in joining Global Platinum Services, you will be required to choose between one of the following membership packages:

Global Platinum Service Agent – This plan requires you to pay an upfront cost of $149.95 followed by a monthly payment of $69.95

Global Platinum Services plus Agent – This plan requires you to pay an upfront cost of $199.95 followed by a monthly payment of $89.95

It is clear that when you go for the most expensive plan, you will have the opportunity of earning more money throughout the entirety of the GPS compensation plan.

Is Global Platinum Services A Scam?


Just like any other MLM business opportunity, you will hear people saying that GPS is a pyramid scheme or scam. After reading about the lawsuit that Jeremy Monte filed against this company, you might also be wondering if it is legit or just a scam.

To be honest, this company isn’t really a complete scam. If you want to succeed and become a top earner you will have to improve your marketing skills. Remember, the easiest way to rise above ranks is to recruit as many people as you can into the business. This means that you must be very good at approaching people and convincing them to join the business.

Global Platinum Services Scam



If you are interested in vacation plans, Global Platinum Services might be what you are looking for. Historically, many companies that enter the travel niche always fail. So, will Global Platinum Services be an exception? That remains to be seen…

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Global Platinum Services Review



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