Young Living Essential Oils Reviews – Is Young Living Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Young Living Essential Oils Reviews


If you have been looking into essential oils, there is a good chance that you have heard or come across Young Living Essential Oils. You have probably met people who have asked you to join the business and become an affiliate. Before you decide whether or not to join the company, it is important that you read this review about the Young Living, their product line, compensation plan and what it takes to join the business. This is completely third party unbiased review.

Young Living Essential Oil Pyramid Scheme

Young Living Essential Oils Reviews – About the Company

Young Living was launched in 1994 and is based out of Utah, US. Young Living is a direct selling company that specializes in the essential oils. The company is owned and managed by Donald Gary Young.

The company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014. This means that Young Living has established a strong foundation in the essential oil business.

Like some of the world’s top direct selling businesses, the company started out as a brick and mortar business, with only one small organic farm distillery.

It’s now over two decades since Gary discovered the amazing benefits of essential oils. Through Young Living, Gary has been able to share his knowledge with millions of people across the planet, transforming their health and their lives.

Gary’s unmatched experience and knowledge on the healing powers of plants has led to the formation of the world’s largest line of essential oils and blends.

Young Living Essential Oils Reviews – The Product Line


Over 20 years ago when Gary started Young Living Oils, the market had no idea about the amazing benefits of essential oils. Today, many scientists around the world are carrying out researches to back what Gary discovered years ago. In addition, many people are now looking for alternative ways of healing and maintaining health.

Young Living uses only the highest quality essential oils, which are undiluted, uncut, 100 percent natural and 100 percent pure. The company can blend its essential oils with a wide variety of ingredients to produce products for just about every aspect of life, from wellness to cooking oils.

Essential oils can be utilized to achieve emotional wellness, mental health, spiritual health, and a good night’s sleep. Essential oils are also recommended when it comes to reducing stress. They are also used to create beauty products.

Young Living has a few categories of products and they are as follows:

Home Products

· Pets

· Family health

· Health cooking

· National cleaning products

· Tools


· Age- Based Nutrition

· Join and Mobility

· Multivitamins

· Weight Management

· Antioxidant Support

· Energy and Stamina

Young Living Essential Oil Reviews

Is Young Living Essential Oil Pyramid Scheme Or Scam?

Well the answer to both those question is a definite NO!!

You should also note that no one has ever come forward to complain or file a lawsuit against the products that Young Living Oils offer. This means that the business has a strong reputation which is a good thing.

Young Living Essential Oil Reviews – The Compensation Plan


As mentioned earlier, Young Living is an MLM business opportunity that deals with essential oils. This makes it easier for you to sell the company’s products and earn money. Why? Because it is very easy nowadays to convince people that essential oils are great and they have many unmatched benefits.

Like any other direct selling company, you get paid commissions on all the product sales when you recruit someone into the business. The compensation plan is fair, but is somewhat complicated especially if you are new to the MLM business.

Commissions are paid as follows:

Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are paid out on the sale of products to non-affiliates (retail customers). The commission is paid out at a rate of 24%.

Recruitment Commissions

You receive 25% commission for each new member that you recruit into the business, who purchases the Premium Member Starter Kit.

Fast Start Bonus

Young Living pays out a Fast Start Bonus commission of 20% on a newly recruited affiliate’s products orders, over the first 3 months of their membership.

Rising Star Team Bonus

This is a bonus for your team’s achieving specific requirements. The bonus pool is made up of one percent of the company’s commissionable sales volume. Only Star, Senior Star and Executive ranked affiliates are eligible to receive this bonus.

Generation Leadership Bonus

Achieve leadership ranks and receive shares of six percent monthly commissionable sales made by the company. The shares are allocated as follows:

Silver – Receives 1 share

Gold – Received 2 shares

Platinum – Receives 3 shares

Diamond – Receives 4 shares

Crown Diamond – Receives 5 shares

Royal Crown Diamond – receives 6 shares

It is important to note that the shares are not accumulative. This means that you will only receive the amount of share(s) that corresponds with your present rank.

Diamond Profit Sharing Pool

Young Living offers a share of 0.5% of the company’s commissionable sales volume to members who reach the Diamond level. The shares are allocated as follows:

Diamond – Receives 1 share

Crown Diamond – Receives 2 shares

Royal Crown Diamond – Receives 3 shares

Young Living Essential Oil

Joining Young Living


If you want to join Young Living Oils and become an affiliate, you will be required to pay purchase a Starter Kit, which range in price from $40 to $160. The difference in this price is as a result of the range of products that comes with each kit, along with the 20 dollars recruitment commission payable when a Premium Starter Kit is purchased.



In general, Young Living Oils has been in business for over 20 years now. The company has never been faced or issued with a lawsuit. This means that Young Living offers outstanding products and the customers are satisfied with their service. Just like any other type of network marketing, you have to sponsor people into the business to earn money. The good news is Young Living specializes in essential oils.

Today, many people around the world are looking for alternative wellness methods. In addition, there are many studies that support the theories of Gary. This has really made it easier for Young Living Oils affiliates to market and sell their products. Essential oils market is strong and it seems like it will stay that way for a very long time into the future. If network marketing is your thing, Young Living is a very ideal business opportunity for you.

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Young Living Essential Oil Reviews



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