What Is The Rule Of 7 In Affiliate Marketing

The Rule Of 7….


Well what the heck does that mean?

Does it mean that if you buy 7 doughnuts you get 2 free (that would be nice lol)

No it’s a marketing term meaning that on average someone has to see an offer at least 7 times before they are ready to pull out their credit card and buy…

I go into more detail in the (video below):

What Is The Rule Of 7 In Affiliate Marketing

Why Is That The Case?

Well I’m not sure to be honest.

Maybe people need to feel that:

  • This Offer Isn’t Some Sort Of A Scam
  • This Marketer Isn’t Just A Here Today Gone Tommorrow Guy
  • They Need A Lot More Information Before They Are Ready To Go

Plus there are probably a host of other reasons.

But for you…You just need to know the rule and know it exists so as you don’t give up too quickly on your campaigns…

You know now that you need to keep communicating with your prospect at least 7 times and nowadays that’s usually via email

You have to keep writing emails giving value and then eventually….BANG!!

You start getting sales

So now you know what to do it’s time to get going…..

Get going with your emails, videos, Facebook posts and webinars and you’ll soon start seeing sales come rolling in…..

You can do it!!!

Good luck withit and when you’ve got loads of sales rolling in….Remember your uncle Manny 🙂

Speak soon


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