BeOnPush Review – Is BeOnPush Scam or Legit?

BeOnPush Review

BeOnPush is a new investment plan that offers a daily return on investment of up to 3.5%.

According to the website it is based in both the UK and Luxembourg, although the owner named in a video on the website, Ferki Demirovski actually lives in Belgium, so it is more likely that the business is being run from there (Luxembourg is a notorious tax-haven).

Demirovski, himself, doesn’t appear to have a history with MLM companies, but is involved with top level politics having been an advisor to the government in Macedonia and running his own political consultancy organization.

beonpush review

BeOnPush: The Products

The only products BeOnPush offers for sale are investment packs.

These form a part of the compensation plan and are not for sale to non-members. Affiliates are able to market affiliate membership of the company to new people.

BeOnPush Compensation Plan

There are three ways to earn through the BeOnPush plan through purchasing investment packs and recruiting new affiliates to the scheme.

1. The Investment Packs

There are eight investment packs available for purchase, each of which offers a certain daily return on investment. The website says that,
‘From $20 to $10,000 the investment packs expire at 150%. Each ticket pays daily according to the todays interest + the bonus linked to its value’.

The daily rate is advertised between 0.5% and 3.5%. This will depend on how successfully the company wide scheme is performing.
The investment pack choices and related returns are as follows:

– $20 investment pack gives you a 1x daily return on investment multiplier
– $50 investment pack gives you a 1.05x daily return on investment multiplier
– $100 investment pack gives you a 1.1x daily return on investment multiplier
– $200 investment pack gives you a 1.15x daily return on investment multiplier
– $500 investment pack gives you a 1.2x daily return on investment multiplier
– $1000 investment pack gives you a 1.3x daily return on investment multiplier
– $5000 investment pack gives you a 1.4x daily return on investment multiplier
– $10,000 investment pack gives you a 1.5x daily return on investment multiplier

2. Referral Commissions

BeOnPush rewards you for recruiting new people to the scheme by paying you a proportion of investment made by people you have introduced. You are eligible to earn commission from investments made by those that you personally recruit into the company, as well as from people that have been recruited into the plan by people that you have introduced.

These are referred to as first level and second level affiliates, where the first level is comprised of the affiliates you recruited, and the second level is comprised of the affiliates that your level 1 has recruited.

With the BeOnPush plan you will receive 13% of investments made by those on your level 1, and 2% of investments made by those on your level 2.
3. Residual Commissions

BeOnPush uses a binary model to calculate the residual commission payouts.

This works by placing you, as a new affiliate, in a position at the top of the grid. Beneath you there will be two new positions to be filled by new affiliates (level 1), and these positions, in turn, are split into 2 further positions (level 2). This process continues to allow each new affiliate to be placed in a position.

beonpush review
The investment volume made across either side of your binary structure is tracked, and affiliates earn a 10% commission of the investments made on the lesser performing side of the structure.

BeOnPush Affiliate Rewards

BeOnPush offers various extra perks to affiliates.

They track the total investment being made across your binary structure from above, and when you hit each level you will receive the corresponding reward:

– Investment Volume of 10,000 – Receive a luxury pen
– Investment Volume of 30,000 – Receive a VIP night in a club
– Investment Volume of 80,000 – Receive a flight voucher
– Investment Volume of 200,000 – Receive an ‘Apple Pack’
– Investment Volume of 500,000 – Receive a Vertu phone and one year luxury concierge
– Investment Volume of 1,000,000 – Receive a Rolex watch
– Investment Volume of 5,000,000 – Receive a luxury company car
– Investment Volume of 50,000,000 – Receive sports car, beach apartment and private jet hours

How to Join BeOnPush

There is no fee involved in becoming an affiliate member with BeOnPush, but to be eligible to earn with the income opportunity you are required to purchase an investment pack at a minimum cost of $20.

beonpush scamConclusion

While the returns on offer may seem tempting, you have to ask yourself how BeOnPush are generating enough income to pay the promised figures. They attempt to calm this concern by the following statement on the website,

‘Beonpush has investment in various sectors of the online marketing and in majority trading positions in the real time bidding. The profit that the company earns from these sources and investments is shared among the members, paid members will become stakeholders and will receive profit according to their investment’.

What they are really doing here is paying existing members with the money they receive when new members purchase investment packs.

There is no way that Demirovski can make the returns needed from various investments to sustain the promises he has made to his members. Why would he share this wonderful money making ability with the rest of us? With no products being made available to sell to customers, the only source of revenue, realistically, is the purchase of investment packs by affiliates.

This model is, therefore, quite clearly a ponzi scheme.

These are when the investments of new members are used to pay off the expectations of existing members.

Unfortunately, BeOnPush will suffer the same fate as all other ponzi schemes. To start with, it may seem as if decent returns are being made but, when recruitment of new members slows down, affiliates will notice that the daily percentage rate of return will fall to its minimum level.

This will make it even more difficult to recruit new members and, eventually, the reduction of incoming funds will cause the scheme to collapse. At this point all promised payments will stop, and anyone who hasn’t yet made a return on their initial investment will lose out.

Sadly, this will be the situation that the majority of BeOnPuch members will find themselves in. Only the owner and early members will have a chance of earning anything from this opportunity, is BeOnPush a scam? Yes, it sure is. If you’re looking for a decent investment opportunity then you’ll want to find something more sustainable than this one.

Ok So This Company Is A Dud….What Are You Involved In Manny?

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BeONPush Review



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