Vault Denim Reviews – Is Vault Denim Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Vault Denim Reviews


Nowadays, many people are trapped in the corporate world where they stay away from their loved ones all day. Network marketing companies are opening up new opportunities for you to explore your personal freedom. Vault Denim is an MLM company that offers you the freedom of working within the comfort of your home. Now that you have heard about this business opportunity, you are probably wondering if it is legitimate or just a scam. In this post, we are going to uncover all the facts about this company. Read on to find out more:

Vault Denim

Vault Denim Reviews – The Company

Vault Denim is a direct selling company that sells designer jeans at a discount. The company was found in 2010 by Douglas Brady and it is based out of Utah, USA. They specialize in a wide selection of designer jeans that come in all sizes and shapes.

Vault Denim is a network marketing company that is somewhat different from the others. The company’s affiliates are known as consultants and they don’t need to use their own money to purchase their inventory, Vault Denim provides it. Retail customers don’t have to place orders at home parties and wait for their products to be shipped, they receive their orders right away. Due to the fact that the business sells the same products that are found in department stores at a reduced price, many people are signing up to become consultants and take advantage of this fast growing MLM company.

Vault Denim Reviews – The Product Line


As mentioned earlier, Vault Denim is a direct selling niche that specializes in designer jeans. The company offers a wide selection of ladies designer jeans including capris, skirts, shorts, bell bottoms, skinny, flare, boot cut and many more. Their standard sizes range from 0 to 13 and the extended sizes range from 15 to 24. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for classic, boutique or simple designer jeans; Vault Denim has something for everyone.

What’s more, Vault Denim also carries four exclusive lines that cannot be found in any other place. They include Project Denim, Ten Denim, Emerson Edwards (premium) and Rock Paper Sexy (RPS). These jeans cannot be kept on the company’s inventories because they have a higher demand (they sell as soon as they are delivered). The style, comfort, fit, and price of these jeans is astonishing.

As far as the products are concerned, right now there is no company that can beat Vault Denim because they sell their products at an amazing discount of 50%. In addition, the company stands out among its competitors because they don’t require their consultant to purchase their own inventory, they provide it. This is the only place where the products that are available at your local mall are being sold for less.

Vault Denim Reviews

Vault Denim Reviews – The Compensation Plan


As far as the compensation plan is concerned, Vault Denim offers its consultants several ways to get paid. When you join the business as a new consultant, you will be entitled to a commission of between 18% and 24% on the jeans that you sell personally. In addition, you can earn an override commission of 7% on all the sales made by the people that you sponsored to the business personally. What’s more, you are also entitled to an override commission of 5% on all the sales made by the consultants who were recruited by the people that you personally sponsored.

The company also offers bonuses for the top producers in the business and for any individual that hosts an in-home party. In addition to all these commissions and bonuses, the business also offers incentive trips, recognition for top producers in the company and even car bonuses for consultants who manage to reach the director level.

It is clear that the company offers you a great opportunity to become a top earner in the MLM business. The business is ideal even for someone who just wants to earn some extra cash to pay his or her bills. The only way to succeed here is to recruit as many people as you can to the business and follow the footsteps of successful consultants. You also need to encourage the people that you personally sponsor to recruit other people.

Vault Denim Reviews- The Cost to Join the Business


Becoming a Vault Denim consultant is a great opportunity for you to earn some extra cash. The company rewards its consultants with free inventory, no monthly quota, no deliveries, free personalized website and a low startup cost. In order to become a Vault Denim consultant, you will be required to pay an upfront fee of $159, which typically pays for your training kit, your own personalized website and some few extra training materials.

In addition, you will also receive 100 personalized business cards, customer order forms, and one 50 percent off coupon to get your first pair of Vault Denim designer jeans. In general, the starter kit entails everything that you need to start your journey as a consultant.

Is vault denim pyramid scheme or scam?


Like any other type of direct selling company, there will always be rumors about a new MLM business opportunity being a scam. So, is Vault Denim legit or a scam? To be honest, Vault Denim appears to be a legitimate business, especially if you are looking for ways to earn some extra cash. They offer a wide selection of product that people already buy. What’s more, they sell their products at an affordable price (almost 50% less the market value). Their compensation plan looks fair.

Vault Denim Pyramid Scheme



If you like to invest in direct selling companies, Vault Denim might be the most ideal business opportunity for you. The business provides its consultants with free inventory and offers products that have a higher demand in the market. Their compensation plan is easy to understand and you start earning commission once you recruit new people to the business. You are also entitled to commissions from the sales made by the people that you personally recruited to the business. So, if you are interested in this business opportunity, there is no reason as to why you should not join.

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Vault Denim Reviews



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