How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

Discover How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

Network marketing can be an excellent way to make some extra cash or to completely punch out of the rat race.

However because of the huge amounts of money you can make from it, it obviously attracts alot of people. Most of which are being guided incorrectly or have just tried to follow completely outdated information on how to be successful in network marketing

Well I’m gonna give you the inside scoop, show you once and for all the 3 things that you must have if you want to have success in this field and also the things that most people are doing and how you want to avoid that like the plague.

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The 3 Elements Of Success In Network Marketing

So the 3 things you must have to be successful in network marketing are:

  • Traffic, Eyeballs, People – Call it what you will you need a constant supply of new people to talk to about your new opportunity. Let’s face it at the end of the day this is a numbers game and we work on percentages. So the more people you can talk to the higher chance of converting some of them to sales
  • Converting Product – You need a product to sell and that product has to be high converting so as when you get the person to the home party or the sales video they will be impressed and they will buy
  • Large Commissions – You need a way to potentially make top tier commissions. All that means is commissions of $1,000+. So what ever you promote has to have that backend element included otherwise your gonna be scraping around trying to build a team and making peanuts in commission (eventually you will throw in the towel). If you see $1,000 in your bank for a day’s work then you’ll push on 🙂


Be The Purple Elephant To See Success In Network Marketing

how to be successful in network marketing

What most people do or let me rephrase…are told to do, when joining a new network marketing opportunity is….I know you must have heard this

Create a warm list – This is the list of your friends and family that your going to pester about this amazing new opportunity that they must join.

When that tanks (and it will) you’ll then be told to talk to any and everyone about your opportunity. After all doesn’t everyone want to make money?

That’s fine if you are a star sales person and don’t mind taking continual rejection…then knock yourself out because this truly is for you.

But most of us don’t want to go through that……….So what’s the answer??

You have to do what most won’t….come on the internet and learn to get traffic to your offer be that the company sales video or their sales page.

Once you learn to drive traffic (Here’s an example of what i mean by driving traffic) then you are sitting pretty because now people will approach you. You will then have a method for targeting people that have already put their hand up to say their interested in your offer.

That beats a stranger in the mall, that wants to call the police when you approach them, any day of the week.

Take Advantage Of The Information Age

Network marketing has changed.

The traditional model doesn’t work because we have moved into the information  age where everything is run by computers.

When you want to buy something where is the 1st place you go to get more information? I’m gonna take a wild guess at Google.

Well guess what so do millions of others.

So there is the answer, the true blue pill.

If you want to know how to be successful in network marketing you have to learn how to sell on the internet.

Pick a company that teaches you how to get traffic online, that sells online information products (no shipping or any of that headache) and that pays you handsomely for getting others to sign up.

Do that and you could be making a full time living online within the year.

I hope you enjoyed this article on “how to be successful in network marketing”.

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how to be successful in network marketing

To Your Success


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