Organic Vs Paid Traffic Which Is Better

So you’ve started promoting a new business opportunity and you ask yourself which should I choose which is best in the race of organic vs paid traffic organic vs paid traffic

Well when most people start off they pay the $97 or so to get the product and then almost always want to use FREE or Organic traffic which basically is ranking highly on Google or Youtube

However to be able to rank your videos or blog posts highly on the organic search engines takes a learning curve. Unfortunately it dosen’t come over night.

I know the gurus tell you to use Youtube or blog daily but if your videos or articles are just floating out there in cyberspace then you definetly wont get found, wont get leads and WONT get sales.

Learning to master organic traffic will take at least 6 months to master and most people wont stay the course

The quickest way to get started in any opportunity is to get paid internet traffic.

That could be via solo ads, Pay-Per-Click, Banner Ads etc the list of paid internet traffic platforms goes on and on.

By getting paid traffic you get people seeing your offer immediately within 24 hours, you start to get leads and you start to get sales.

What this now does is keep you positive and keeps you going.

So which should you choose Organic Vs Paid Traffic?

I would always say start off with paid traffic and whilst your paying for traffic learn how to use organic traffic.

Soon you will master the organic traffic and start to get equally as much traffic from the organic as the paid traffic.

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