How To Give Value To Others

So what does it mean to Give Value and how can you make sure that you are giving value to others that follow you?

Well the term Give Value is banded about on the internet like sweets and especially in the make money online space and if you really think about it giving value could mean different things to different people.

For example if you were in my niche and you were going to show people how to get traffic say from using Twitter Ads then that would be of value to a lot of people, however if instead you want to show how to run a marathon then not quite so valuable to someone who is trying to make money online.

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There are 2 things you have to do in order to give value to others

1. Know who your talking to 

You have to know your perfect customer avatar. Know what they struggle with, know what keeps them awake at nights. Once you know that you can then offer a solution which obviously will be valuable to them eg. If I wanted to put up a blog site and you could show me how in 5 easy steps then that would be of value to me.

how to give value

2. Learn – Do – Teach 

Give the value from a position of authority.

By that I mean go out and seek a master in what you believe your niche is searching for, learn from them…

Then implement or DO what they tell you to do test tweak make it work for you and then…..

Teach from a position of authority.

EG Say you wanted to teach Facebook ads, you should seek out a guru to teach you, Then do what they said. Run some ads get some good results and then teach others via an ebook or video etc.

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Be The Authority

If you follow the 2 steps above soon people will be seeking you out fro advice because they know you provide some value to their lives and in turn will pay you. Remember

Money is an exchange…You exchange Money For Value

So the more value you give to others the more money you make.

how to give value

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