Infinity Reloaded Review – Is Infinity Reloaded Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Infinity Reloaded Review


Infinity Reloaded has been making headlines lately on the web, especially on social media networks. There are many people out there who are trying to market this opportunity. So, before you decide to join the business, it is important that you know everything there is to know about Infinity Reloaded. Is Infinity Reloaded a great opportunity to earn some extra cash? How much does it cost to join the opportunity? Is the business legit or just another MLM scam? Well, read on to learn more.

Infinity Reloaded

Infinity Reloaded Review – The Company

There isn’t any real or background information on the company’s official website that indicates who runs or owns the company. In addition, the location of the business or the information about where the business is based out of is also missing. A reputable company, be it MLM or any other business out there cannot hide such important information from the general public. So, the fact that this information is missing suggests this opportunity is probably hiding something.

The company’s website domain (“”) appears to have been registered on the 23rd of October 2016. An individual that goes by the name Luisa Menezes is identified as the owner of this domain, and an address listed in Langholme, Scotland is also listed.

A little more research reveals that Luisa Menezes in deed has a personal Facebook account, and on it she goes by the name of Lou Menezes Santos. Luisa is also presently an affiliate for Skinny Body Care Company, and it seems that she has persuaded some people from her down line to join Infinity Reloaded.

According to one of her Facebook’s post, Santos writes:

“I have just seen a post in an SBC Facebook page that says Infinity Reloaded Company is all hype”.

Before even Infinity Reloaded was officially launched, Luisa went so far as to refer to the opportunity as SBC Infinity Reloaded. She is also known to an active affiliate for cash gifting scheme Leased Ad Space.

Infinity Reloaded Review – The Product Line

Moving on to Infinity Reloaded product line side of things, it appears that there isn’t so much to talk about here.

Infinity Reloaded is one of the many MLM business opportunities that have decided not to offer any type of product line, meaning that their affiliates have nothing to do than to market the affiliate membership to interested parties.

It is also imported to note that once you are signed in as an affiliate, you will have access to several internet tools such as software, courses, and scripts, downloads and more.

Infinity Reloaded Review

Infinity Reloaded Review – The Compensation Plan

When it comes to Infinity Reloaded compensation side of things, things start to get a little bit interesting. If you want to participate in their compensation plan, you will have to pay a monthly fee. In addition, you will be paid commission when you recruit new members into the business.

The company pays out commission up to the second level (members that have been sponsored by the affiliates that you recruited personally). The first level consists of members that you sponsored personally into the business. The first level pays out a commission of 80% (80% of fees that are paid by affiliates that you recruit into the business). Level 2 allows you to earn a commission of 5% of the fees paid by the affiliates sponsored by your recruits.

In general, Infinity Reloaded offers seven (7) affiliate membership levels, and these membership levels work out in the following manner:

· Basic level – Costs $10 per month and pays out a commission of $8 on the first level (level1 ) and a commission of 50 cents on level 2

· Newbie level – Costs $50 per month and pays out a commission of $40 on the first level (level1 ) and a commission of 2.50 cents on level 2

· Warrior level – Costs $100 per month and pays out a commission of $80 on the first level (level1 ) and a commission of $5 on level 2

· Captain level – Costs $250 per month and pays out a commission of $200 on the first level (level1 ) and a commission of $12.50 on level 2

· Sheriff level – Costs $500 per month and pays out a commission of $400 on the first level (level1 ) and a commission of $25 on level 2

· Pro costs level – Costs $1,000 per month and pays out a commission of $800 on the first level (level1 ) and a commission of $50 on level 2

· Pro Diamond level – Costs $2000 per month and pays out a commission of $1,600 on the first level (level1 ) and a commission of $100 on level 2

It is wise to note that the levels mentioned above are sequential. As an affiliate for Infinity Reloaded, you are required to maintain a lower membership level payment if you want to move on to the next level.

What It Takes To Join Infinity Reloaded

If you are interested in joining this business opportunity, you will be required to invest any amount between $10 and $3910 every month in order to take part in their compensation plan. In addition, the more you pay the more money you will be able to earn.

Is Infinity Reloaded Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Like any other new opportunity in the MLM world, you will always find reviews online that says Infinity Reloaded is a scam. Most marketers usually use this trick to sell you something else. So, is Infinity Reloaded legit or a scam? To be honest, this opportunity isn’t a complete a scam.

Infinity Reloaded Scam


If you take a close look at this opportunity you will discover that it works as a two tier pyramid scheme. The company doesn’t have any other source of income and 85% of all the funds generated from the sale of affiliate membership is used to pay the already existing affiliates. It looks like the remaining 15% is what Luisa Santos pockets.

As this isn’t enough, Santos also uses the company’s resources to recruit affiliates into various schemes and scams. Business opportunities like Infinity Reloaded will continue to exist only if new members continue to sign up. If the company stays for a long time without registering new members, it will lack funds to pay its affiliates and will collapse eventually. If this company collapses today, it is only the anonymous people behind the company who will get paid. The rest will lose their investments. So, it is very important that you consider all these facts before you decide whether or not to join the opportunity.

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Infinity Reloaded Review



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