PartyLite Reviews – Is PartyLite Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

PartyLite Review


PartyLite is one business that is doing great in the MLM industry. Many people have been approached and asked to join the company but they are not sure if it is legit, a scam or a pyramid scheme. In this PartyLite Review, we are going to look at the company itself, the products that they offer, their compensation plan and find out if it is a scam or not. Read on to find out more about PartyLite.


PartyLite Candles Review- About the Company

The business has a history that dates back in the 1900s when founder Mabel Baker began her passion of making candles from wild bayberries. Mabel made candles and offered them to her friends and loved ones as gifts until she decided to convert her passion for candle making into a business in 1909.

In just a few years, her business grew into a million-dollar company. The business started with candles but it later expanded and included perfumes, bath products and home fragrance products in its product line. When Mabel passed away in 1965, her business was worth $6 million.

1n 1973, PartyLite Gifts Inc. a subsidiary of Mabel’s original candles business was formed. The business markets and sells its products through network marketing.

PartyLite Reviews – The Product Line

PartyLite has continued to increase its product line over the years to meet the ever growing demand of their customers. Today, not only does PartyLite offer an incredible line of candles, but they also offer home décor, home fragrances, body care and bath products, and a wide collection of various gifts.

The company boosts of more than 68,000 independent consultants across the globe. PartyLite consultants promote their products through something called home shows. The person who gives a home show is known as the host of the party. The main objective of this event is to sell the products and encourage people to join your sales team.

Partylite Reviews

PartyLite Reviews – The Compensation Plan


As a PartyLite Consultant, you will earn the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price for every product that you sell. To qualify to earn the direct sale commissions, you will be required to sell at least $500 worth of products every month. Once you qualify to generate this amount, the bonuses that you will receive are as follows:

· 25% off of your home show commissions

· 7% bonus commission if you make more than $2,000 in sales

For instance, let’s say that you made $5,000 in sales in a given month; your direct commission will be $1,250. In addition, you will earn a bonus of $350.

Another way to get paid is through the group sale commission where you can earn between 2% to 7% in group sales. PartyLite has seven different leadership positions. The position that you are on is directly proportional to the number of people on your team and the total amount of money earned.

The first level is known as the “unit leader”. If you are on this level, you must meet the following conditions to be eligible for group commissions:

· You must recruit at least four consultants onto your team

· Your downline, which is your team only, must make at least $2,000 in sales per month

· You must make at least $640 in personal sales per month if you want to remain in this position

Cost to Join PartyLite


If you want to be an independent PartyLite Consultants you will have to purchase a starter kit that goes for $99. There is also an option to join the company for free only if you hold a Starter Party that generates $350 in sales.

Is PartyLite A Pyramid Scheme or A Scam?


PartyLite has been around for decades now, so it is certainly a reputable business to join considering its history. The business has a lot of products to offer and it’s always expanding its product line due to increase in demand from their customers. So, PartyLite is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It is a legitimate business that sells candles, home décor and fragrance.

Partylite Pyramid Scheme


Overall, PartyLite seems to be a legit and lucrative network marketing business opportunity. Many people love their products and that is why there is always an increase in demand. The compensation plan appears to be easy to understand and it provides you with so many ways to earn a sustainable income. So, if you feel that you have what it takes to be a top earner with PartyLite, go for it.

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