Super Affiliate Network Reviews – Is Super Affiliate Network Scam or Pyramid Scheme

Super Affiliate Network Review

Super affiliate network
is a direct selling company that has been getting a lot of publicity lately. This is one of the newest MLM companies, so if you work online or have an online business, chances are someone has approached you and asked you to join the business.

Here is an honest review about super affiliate network.

Super Affiliate NetworkSuper Affiliate Network Review – About the Company

Today, many network marketing companies prefer to hide the identities of the person(s) that owns or runs the business. This information is very vital and if a company decided to hide it from the general public, people start to wonder if the company is legitimate or just a scam. People need to know whom to blame if anything goes wrong.

The good news is Super affiliate network is not one of those companies that hides vital information. The company’s official website states clearly that it’s owned and managed by Mr. Misha Wilson. Misha has an impressive record in affiliate marketing and it is believed that he earned six figures by the time he was 24 years old. Surprisingly, Wilson was able to earn this amount after he was deeply in debt when he was 22 years old, when he dropped out of college. Wilson become who he is today through the use of internet marketing.

In 2016, Wilson decided to launch the super affiliate network. He claims that if you join his company you will be able to earn six figures within a few months of signing on. How? Wilson claims that his new company uses the same principles he used to obtain his six figure income a few years ago.

The business shapes its entire business model on the idea of internet marketing and starting your own business online. This is something that network marketing businesses have been doing for many years. You might not want to join this company because it has been subject to several schemes and scams out there.

Super Affiliate Network Review – The Product Line

According to the official website, Wilson says that “Once you become a member of The Super Affiliate Network you will have access to a three-week Training Bootcamp that is full of vital information on how to create a profitable sales funnel for your company”.

Boot camps are a common thing in MLM business. As a matter of fact, boot camps are usually used by direct selling companies that operate as scams or pyramid schemes. The good news is super affiliate network is actually introducing a product to their product line.

The business also offers its members several movies that they are supposed to watch as part of their boot camp training. In addition, there is a quiz that you are supposed to take once you finish to watch each movie.

Once you are done with the quiz, you are required to send it to the coach who has been assigned to you. He or she will then go through your answers to check if you have fully understood what was being presented to you in the movie.

There are several ideas that are introduced and discussed in these movies, and the company has done a great job at breaking them up throughout their three-week boot camp training program.

The main purpose of this training is to educate you about internet marketing and teach you everything there is to know. If you interested in learning and knowing more about internet marketing, you will find the content covered in super affiliate network boot camp program fascinating.

Super Affiliate Network Review

Super Affiliate Network Review – The Compensation Plan

When it comes to compensation plan, the business has a setup whereby you will be eligible to earn commission once you sponsor new faces to sign on as affiliates, and encourage them to purchase the super affiliate network training materials. You will also be eligible for commission through advertisements.

Super affiliate network compensation plan is that simple. Just like any other direct selling company, recruiting new people into the business and convincing them to purchase the business’s training boot camp will make you eligible to the company’s commissions.

The compensation plan that is being offered by this company is one of the simplest plans that you will ever find. To be honest, this is an awesome thing and other direct selling companies are encouraged to do so.

Super Affiliate Network Review- Cost to Join


If you are interested in joining super affiliate network and become an affiliate, you have several different options to do so. There are several ways in which you can become an affiliate, get access to the company’s boot camp training program and become eligible for all the commissions that the company has to offer.

As a matter of fact, the business offers four membership plans for you to choose from and they include: the basic membership, the annual membership, the plus membership and the VIP membership. These packages will cost you $37 per month, $297 per year, $200 per month and $2,000 per year respectively.

It is clear that there is a big difference in terms of payment for each plan. This means that paying more for a membership will grant you more access to the company’s training materials and commission opportunities. Remember, the more access you have to vital information the easier it becomes for you to become successful in the niche of internet marketing.

Is Super Affiliate Network  Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

The big question that many people would like to see answered is whether Super Affiliate Network is legit or a scam. Well, to be honest, Super Affiliate Network isn’t a complete scam. The business seems to be a reliable and legit direct selling company. The business has a pretty outstanding training program which is intended to help people, especially newbies to learn more about internet marketing.

Super Affiliate Network Scam


Overall Super Affiliate Network Review ticks all the boxes and gets the thumbs up. It is very similar to a lot of other top business opportunity companies. So, if you are interested to learn more about online marketing, then Super Affiliate Network is definitely the right business for you. In addition, the business offers one of the simplest compensation plans that you will ever find in MLM niche. If you want to gain more access to online marketing information and to earn more commission then you will have to pay more for a higher-costing membership.

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Super Affiliate Network Reviews



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