Zivizi Review – Is Zivizi Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Zivizi Review


Zivizi is a direct selling company that specializes in the health and nutrition niche. The business is headquartered at Utah, US and is operated and managed by Steve Francisco.

Zivizi itself is a property of Miyu Holdings, a company based out of Utah and founded by Ike Hong in the year 2014. Miyu Holdings is made out of a collection of several companies that include the likes of online travel, health, cash back shopping, digital business training and advertising.

Steve Francisco seems to have started his journey in the network marketing industry in 2005. According to an SEC filing, this is the time when Steve had a form of “royalty agreement” with Lexxus International.

In addition, there is a marketing video from 2010 in which Steve claims to have more than 25 years of experience in the network marketing industry; however there isn’t any real information out there that supports his claims. The only reliable information about Francisco is the one that was documented in 2005.

Francisco is also said to have worked in an MLM company before when he was a “Master Associate” for Talk Fusion Company. This is an MLM business opportunity that was established in 2007, and Francisco appears to be one of its top earners, however there is no any reliable information as to whether or not he had anything to do with the formation of this company.

Two year later (2009), Francisco left Talk Fusion. One year later (2010), Francisco emerged as the President of Renua Medical, a company that sells nutritional supplements, medical equipment and more.


Zivizi Review – The Product Line

When it comes to product line, Zivizi has a lot to offer. As mentioned earlier, Zivizi is a business that focuses on the health and nutritional products. Their products are divided into three major categories as follows:

ZCore: A vital nutrition system

ZEssence: Luxury skin care, medical grade system and

ZSlim: High impact, nutraceutical weight loss acceleration system

Generally, the business offers a wide variety of health and nutritional products to choose from. You can either purchase Zivizi’s products on a personal basis, or purchase a bundle of their products at a certain level of discount.

Miyu Holdings appears to be the exclusive manufacturers of Zivizi’s products and it also has its own product line. According to their official website, Miyu Health specializes in the development, manufacture, and promotion of anti-aging, lifestyle and nutrition products. The company uses its distributors to promote and sell its products worldwide.

Zivizi Review

Zivizi Review – The Compensation Plan


Like any other MLM company, you earn commission when you sponsor new faces to the business and sell the company’s products to retail customers.

Here is a summary of the compensation plan that Zivizi offers:

Commission Qualification

In order for you to be eligible for Zivizi commissions, you must generate at least 80 Personal Volume (PV) every month. The good news is the PV can be generated through both retail sales and when affiliates that you recruited purchase products for themselves.

Retail Commissions

The business pays out a retail commission of 20% on sales volume generated by retail customer orders. This amount includes preferred customer orders, who receive a discount of 5% in exchange for signing up for monthly autoship.

Customer Acquisition Incentive

Instead of paying out its affiliate a direct commission for sponsoring new faces to the business, there are other commissions that the company offers. For example:

If the company affiliate has sponsor five or more preferred customers, he or she is entitled to a bonus or commission of 5% on all of their orders.

In addition to this, sponsoring at least ten preferred customers will increase your bonus up to 10%.

There isn’t any real information from the company’s official website; however it is believed that these preferred customers include both retail customers and recruited affiliates on monthly autoship plan.

What It Takes To Join Zivizi


If you are thinking about becoming a Zivizi affiliate, you will be required to pay an upfront fee of $50 and then $40 annually.

As a Zivizi affiliate, you can also sign up with one of the following packages:

Partner Pack Package: Goes for $600

Director Pack Package: Goes for $1,200

Executive Pack Package: Goes for $3,000

Each of the above packages comes with several different products that affiliates can market and sell to retail customers. However, there appears to be no additional benefits for purchasing a more expensive package.

Zivizi Scam

Is Zivizi Scam Or Legit?


To be honest, Zivizi isn’t a complete scam. The company has a wide variety of products to choose from. What’s more, the general public can access almost all the information that they need from the company’s official website. The owner of the company is known, which means you know whom to blame if anything happens to your money.



Zivizi appears to have a strong product line. There is actually a wide variety of products to choose from. When it comes to the compensation plan, things appear to be a little bit odd. This is because there isn’t any official documentation of their compensation plan. The good news is the person who is responsible for this business has enough experience and knowledge required to run the company. So, if you believe that this is the right business for you, go ahead and join. But make sure that you get all the facts about the business before you decide whether or not to join.

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Zivizi Review



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