5 traits All Entrepreneurs Have

5 traits all entrepreneurs haveBeing an entrepreneur can be fun, lonely , exciting, difficult and a host of other emotions.

What I have found as well is that entrepreneurs come in all different shapes and sizes but no matter if they are assertive, shy, passive or loud they all have certain things in common.

They all have certain traits that are the same across the board and they all especially have these 5 traits

The 5 Traits All Entrepreneurs Have

1. They are all Laser Focused –

All entrepreneurs know exactly what they want and where they are going and they have this amazing capacity to be laser focused on the goal at hand.

Shiny ball syndrome does not effect them. They run with their goal till they reach the finish line and then they may start a new project.

Also they know how to say “NO”.

No to distractions like TV, Partying. Sitting on the phone chatting instead of working etc

So discover your goal get laser targeted and do something towards it daily. You will see that little commitment will go a long way


2. They are Opportunity Identifiers –

All entrepreneurs are always looking for the hidden opportunity in things even in tough times.

During the recession most savvy investors start to buy the rock bottom shares knowing that the price will turn around and they’ll get rich.

However most other people bury their head in the sand and just pray for the good times again.

Always be on the look out for that next opportunity that could sky rocket you to success it is just around the corner


3. They Want To Work With The Best –

All entrepreneurs recognise that there is power in a team and that they may not have all the skills and knowledge needed to reach their goal.

So they understand the importance of getting around the right people.

If you don’t know how to market online for example then if you get around someone that does not only will you get to share that knowledge but you also get to see how they walk, talk and behave.

You can learn a lot from other entrepreneurs just by getting around them and watching how they carry themselves.

If you have a team of experts at your disposal there is nothing you can’t get done together.


4. They have a Willingness To Learn –

All entrepreneurs are a bit like children. They never believe they know it all and are always open to learning.

Like a child they always believe there is a solution to every problem and you just have to find the answer.

They are eager to expand their knowledge especially if it is going to assist them in getting their goal.

So their like a sponge and understand that continual learning is important and that also includes learning about themselves so they take critism well if some sort of learning is involved.

Always be open to new ideas and learning.

Training in your chossen field is important so is getting a mentor that has the knowledge you seek and is preparded to share it.


5. They take the time to Relax and Recharge –

All entrepreneurs take time to relax and recharge their batteries.

Most people believe that entrepreneurs don’t sleep and work every hour that God sends and yes, some do, but then find that they very quickly burn out.

Better to have periods of high productivity and then allow yourself the time to chill.

In that time give yourself a pat on the back for your achievments so far, and then come back to the work again later.

Infact you’ll find a lot of your best ideas will come in a time that you have completely switched off from working and are just taking the time to relax.

Get These Traits And Become The Best Version Of  You

So there you have it 5 traits that entrepreneurs have and what seperates them from the others.

If you want to be a productive entrepreneurs you need to find ways to add these traits to your behaviour and you will start to see the difference.

To your success




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