No Pain No Gain

I am not a firm believer in this phrase but……

In some cases there is some truth to it.

The problem is sometimes people take it to the extreme but honestly sometimes I tink a liitle pain just lets you know your on the right track.

If I hadn’t experience the pain from constant painful hospital admisions when I was youner I wouldn’t have made the changes necessary to improve my health.

Also if I hadn’t lost so much of my own money (easy to lose other people’s money…..if Daddy’s picking up the tab it’s all good 🙂 )  by following one shiny object after another and trying outdated marketing methods that just siphoned my money and left big holes in my pocket……

I wouldnt know now exactly what does and dosen’t work.

Lose Money Feel Happier

I no this sounds crazy and your probably tinkng…

“I cant afford to lose a red cent”

But until you feel the disappointment and pain of running a marketing campaign that flops you won’t feel that euporia and elation when you make one work and

You make a killing on the return

So No Pain No Gain…….Good?

I think we’ll say a controlled loss ain’t sooo bad

So not losing your house or a crazy untested campaign

But a small test budget that you might lose a little is not bad

(Hint: you can minimise this with the right mentor but even then you have to make your mistakes :)  )

I thought this video really captures what Im trying to say….try not to cry

So go out and test and tweak until you find your success formula




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