Do You Want The Blue Pill Or The Red Pill

Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

Internet marketing reminds me of the famous scene in the movie “The Matrix”

do you want the red pill or the blue pill

The part where Morpheus who for my example represents the honest Guru and the pills represent the real truth about making money online and what that really involves.

The choice then is what you want to hear……

Unfortunately most want the fairytale.

“I’ll show you how to make $3,567 per month using a basic cut and paste method”

“I’ll show you what site you need to go to for traffic where you can get 5,000 leads for $20”

“And within 2 months you can tell your boss where to stick his job”

Sound familiar lol.

Well believe it or not this is the stuff that people are pedalling but even more unbelieveble people are buying into it. (not you of course 😉 )

Shiny Ball Syndrome At Work

This is where the shiny ball syndrome comes from.

People buy the product that the dodgy guru is pedalling they try to make it work and obviously it dosen’t because it is unrealistic.

If they do get any sales they are small and hardly worth the amount of time and effort put in to achieve them….

They then try to contact the guru who suddenly becomes unavailable because he has done his job and now he’s off to the next lets say prospect (victim would be quite harsh lol)

This leaves you feeling what a scam I’m done with this Internet stuff……..But hold on this new sales video does sounds convincing.

And so we go on…..and on…..and on. Making no money but buying opportunity after opportunity.

So what’s the truth Morpheus

I could get used to that…… Emmanuel, The wise truthful online guru. 🙂

Well unfortunately it is hard work consistancy and plenty of testing and tweaking until finally you see the light and know what you need to do.

In general the steps are:

You learn to write good ad copy
You learn the best places to get targeted traffic
You learn how to use social media to get free traffic
You learn how to use an autoresponder
You learn how to build trusting relationships with your list

Then you start to make money

Phew – Can I have the blue pill back.

There is unfortunately a learning curve to marketing profitably online. However you can shorten that if you have the right system and the right help.

You need a top tier system that sells higher priced top tier products so that when you get a lead they could potentially end up paying you commissions in the thousands without any extra work.

Also if you got a trusted mentor or Guru that will guide you through, showing you the best traffic sources that convert, and helping you with all the steps listed above. It will shorten the time to success.

So theres the real truth….

If you stay consistent and do a litlle something each day

If you choose the right system………I recommend MTTB (I’ll tell you why in a minute)

If you get the right mentor or get a system that includes coaching

You will eventually, of course the time it takes is different for different people, start to profit and make real money online.

What System Do You Recommend

I believe in My Top Tier Business Empire (MTTB). (Have A look at the FREE Video Here)

The reason for this is that it does all the heavy lifting for you.

  • It has the opt-in page included
  • It has follow up emails written by top copywriters that persuade your prospects to buy
  • It has built in coaching for the system and traffic coaches
  • It has top tier products built in (Making you commissions of $1,000+)
  • It has support from 6 figure earners
  • It has a funnel that converts really well

Your job really is just to learn how to get traffic and leads to the system this really is well the mentor comes in.

So Do You Want The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill

So which pill do you think you want to choose?

The choice now is yours you know the path it’s weather you want to follow it…..

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To Your Success


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