Attraction Marketing – What is attraction marketing?

Dosen’t mean you need to go and get your best hat and coat, and upload your portfolio of best shots to ask people to buy


what is attraction marketing

Attraction Marketing 101

It does mean finding a way to attract the right type of people that will be attracted to you

So how do we do that? Well firstly you need to know how to market and to get your message out there

You should be using things like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Classified Ads, Solo Ads, Article Marketing


The list could go on and on…….

So What’s The Difference Between Ordinary And Attraction Marketing Then

The main difference is in giving value. Having videos or blog posts that offer huge value in themselves before you even think about asking for a sale.

In traditional marketing online people place an ad say on Facebook and then when someone clicks on that ad they are then taken to a sales page or a sales webinar and the purpose of this is to get a sale.

Not bad but response rates are not great because the prospect has to really love your offer, or your sales pitch has to be great, in order to pull out their credit card and buy just on the first go.

With attraction marketing the goal is to give value first and then over time when they receive further valuable content from you then buy your product.

This has two benefits…….Firstly you are obeying the laws of the universe (Law of Reciprocation) so you give and thus you will receive.

Secondly people begin to know a bit more about you, they see that you understand the topic and the product, they begin to trust you and over time they like you and then they will buy from you.

After all people base their buying decisions on emotions first and facts later. And attraction marketing gives you the chance to showcase your knowledge and help others first.

This may be a longer way of getting the same results as traditional marketing but you’ll then create life long customers that will buy everything you recommend because they trust your judgement…

So To Break Down Attraction Marketing

It Is:

  • Positioning yourself so that your prospects come to you and learn more about what you do and what value you offer before you ask for a sale
  • Building Trust and Rapport with your prospects by giving further value. This is through things like your email follow-ups, training videos and webinars, free ebooks, Google hang-outs etc
  • Proven formula online – Practically all top marketing use this system now (Some with a deadly twist called Trip Wire Marketing 🙂 )
  • A way to introduce your main opportunity subtly, not ramming it down people’s throats

Be The Pursued Not The Pursuer

Traditionally in marketing people hunt down their target market and try to convince them of how great their opportunity is and how it will change their lives ( in 30 days lol)

The skill really in attracting your prospect to you is showing up where they hang out and offering value so they stay and listen to more of what you have to say.

How Do You Do That?

You find out where your target market go to search for information and you postion your content there

So that means ranking in places like YouTube and Google because that’s where your market will be as well as Forums.


You learn how to rank videos, how to rank blog posts and you make sure that the information is what your target audience are interested in or struggle with.

That will automatically position you as an authority and people will then be chasing you to buy what you have to offer not you chasing them

Simple Formula For Attraction Marketing

Learn How To And Start Marketing => Drive All Traffic To Capture Page ( Or Could Be A Blog Post) => Continue To Build Your List And Add More Value To Your Prospects Lives => Make $$$$$

Remember people who make money are the biggest servants …..If you become one of those people who chase money money will continue to run away

When your mindset is like I want this to work I need to get this sale where can I go to get more money…. you’ll make nothing. When it’s like how can I help others, what can i do to stop other people strugglling then the money will come rolling in.

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To Your Success


what is attraction marketing

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