Ray Higdon London Event – You won’t believe what he says

ray higdon

Went to the Ray Higdon event which was held in central London and some of the stuff he revealed completely blew my mind and will blow the mind of most people in network marketing.

Ray Higdon Prospecting Secrets

So when Ray Higdon – Internet Millionaire and prospecting superstar gives away some of his secrets you make your way to wherever he’s talking.

This time it was the centre of London and from the 1st thing he said I sat up and listened.

And the first thing he said was:

“Stop chasing your prospects and be honest with them and tell them how many “no’s” you get before you get a sale”


How many times have you had a potential sale and told them how you would

  • Do a rain dance
  • Mow their lawn
  • Sit on the phone for 5 hours

You name it you’ll do it for the sale 🙂

His philosophy is go after the prospects that 1. Want to work with you and 2. You won’t need to babysit.

Because that sort of person is potentially the superstar that will actually work to get other prospects and will help build your team.

My ears where pricked now and he went on to say –

  • Internet Marketing Is Simple

Ray Higdon states Internet marketing is simple but not easy. If your prepared to follow the steps set out in most MLM marketing systems, be consistent and continue doing it “until” you will achieve success. Others have and you will too

  • Monitor Your Language

He says be careful with what you say. People don’t like to be sold they do however buy solutions to their problems from people they trust

  • Enjoy The Process

He says enjoy what your doing.

Keep putting out value on the internet in the form of articles, videos and status updates.

It took him 6 months of doing videos twice a day and writing 2 articles a day to make his first thousands online.

Would you be so consistent and so driven.

Well Ray says he prefers stories of people that went through struggle before they saw the glory because that’s a lot more realistic that the rags to riches in 30 days stories

  • Think Long Term

Whenever putting content out on the net think long term. There is a snowball effect.

At first not many people will see your stuff but in time your posts, videos etc will get found, people will hear about you and want to work with you.

Your team will grow and you’ll get riches beyond your wildest dreams

  • Don’t Sugar Coat Things

One of the main things that Ray Higdon says is don’t lie about where you are or what you can do.

Don’t tell prospects your making money if your not, instead talk about your vision, as he did, in the beginning.

People buy people so if your prospect can feel your passion and can sense your on a journey they will want to join you and come on that journey with you.

You can always give examples of other leaders that have made tons from your opportunity or leverage others testimonials untill you start earning and get your own testimonials.

What’s The Main Thing I Got From This?

One of the main thing you get from these sort of events is the power of going to network marketing events and being around people that have walked the path that you want to follow.

These people Ray Higdon especially are so giving contary to what you may think.

They want to see you succeeding even if your not interested in buying any of their products they still want to give value.

So I encourage you, if you get a chance to attend one of these meeting, make time for it…………

You won’t regret it.

To Your Success


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